Comments for Disney World wait times for Millennium Falcon shorter than Flight of Passage

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney


  1. zak

    if this proves anything, it’s proves flight of passage aint a flash in the pan, also honestly it’s feels like self preference which sim is superior since flight is open and large scaled while smugglers is more enclosed and interactive

  2. Harley

    We are debating the 5 min a difference right? Pandora usually shows higher times at night bc of the experience at night! I wouldnt go by the app the attraction itself would be the only direct time! I know from working there before apps and had tip board we radioed or they called us every so often for an update if the attraction was down you called the tip board! Same goes for the app and if the systems are screwed up which the website was not 100% all day so the time issue i wouldn’t be surprised! One time the app said pandora was closed then reopened and hrs wait…. i was sitting in pandora at this time no rides down and navi had 10 mins banshee barely had an hr! The app new version some people i know still have trouble finding fps bc its not on the main pg and they use the machines! I am kinda glad i have das and dont have to worry.

    1. Harley

      Ps. Most people are worried about a hurricane and probably came in on a day they had spared!

  3. Mark

    Its 5 min difference and the app is off ITM your feeding the negative this way aren’t your inside the magic and you should know the app is stupid! I am surprised at you! The attractions are the only true way to tell times meaning check the new version of tip boards and live alittle not follow a the crowd.

    1. Jackie

      Its not itm fault they are just passing info but i agree w both of you cms and attractions will be the only accurate info! I am glad tip boards are back btw it was really silly to just rely on my phone when i might need that for another reason.

  4. Darth Binks

    The reason the line is so short is because there aren’t any kids on it! They ALL hate Star Wars. But you should look at churro line… holy smokes, that thing’s crawling with kids! Kids love churros!

    1. Mark

      Please take your disregarded hate somewhere else bc photos dont lie! They are plenty of people and kids! Theres even strollers being roller out of the exit! Go spread your bs and hate somewhere else esp when you have no proof and itm even has photos that disprove you! There’s photos/videos all over of kids and families having fun meeting characters etc. So please stop sounding like a robot w your same side of snark! Go back to universal sites w you oh wait they even are enjoying batuu! Give it a break!

  5. Harley

    Harley another thing i just thought about is queue lines outside of targeted pt A to B is 2 hrs etc is harder to track and say yes its this and that time wont ever be on the app nor tip board aka the other experiences at batuu that have waits to its 3 hrs say flight of passage wait but its actually going back over the bridge that depending on how the rides functioning could be another hr or 2 that will be on top of posted wait not together the posted wait in most cases is the main queue! Also note none of those signs go below 5-10 mins so guess what in that thought banshee had same time as run and this whole thought is tech a wash!

  6. TimG

    Chapek would say this is winning. They got Hagrid’s Motorbike beaten because he has more efficient lines. Yeah, right!!!!

    1. Jackie

      Once again this is a fansite called inside the magic if your not one w the magic please take your negativity to the uni boards oh wait they are even saying they love swge so you have nowhere to go and rather leave negativity here beautiful! ?

      1. TimG

        Hey, Chapek threw shade at Universal. He was hedging his bets. Making excuses for Disney’s lame Star Was Land. He can’t beat Universal so he mitigates his mistakes. I’m not fooled.

    2. Harley

      If you can not say something positive ever then why do you comment theres justice to an opinion your just negative and less then magical so please take it somewhere else and have a magical day…. goodbye!
      Btw mark had it right the more you repeat the same negative stuff you sound like robots and not real people!

  7. Stephan

    This proves that Fastpass messes with regular wait time and without Fastpass attractions have great capacity.

    1. Harley

      Esp now theres rides that have fp that never had it before and it screws up everything! Besides your cm have to be retrained and if its been this way for 30 yrs+ looking at rides like ones at mk or your sse etc thats like the old theory of old dog new tricks that probably doesnt help either! And now you feel bad for everyone invovled but yea the ride looks busy bc it says 60 mins! Sadly half these rides had those crowds on busy times of the yr always fp split only makes it worse your right and make great pts!

    2. Ashri

      I totally agree ! The mfsr line is so efficient and smooth that I hope they never use fast pass for that attraction . I really believe fast pass is making wait times so much longer

  8. Rebel porg

    Maybe you should all use the force more and ignore each other for the sake of the topic or the site itself!

    1. Mark

      The sarcasm is strong in this one.

  9. Indy

    I believe you are all missing the point, which is that Fastpass is NOT a good thing. You can’t compare a ride with FP to one without. Triple the wait time for Smugglers Run and that is what it would be if FP were turned on.

    1. Harley

      No i know exactly what i am talking about i not only remember the good ol day (dl is soooo lucky bc they have old fp that still works) but i use to wrk there when not every experience and just main attractions that needed had fps! Also das use to be gac and people abused it bc it was an alternate entrance whatever it was and you went in when you showed the pass not virtual queue das and i am still waiting w fp and adding to problem! So yes i know what hell fp+ is not to mention once these rides have fp+ how much it will screw the system at dhs!

    2. Kathleen

      You are so right . Fastpass+ is fine but needs to be refined.

  10. Jackie

    I think the pt harley makes is that there was order when paper passes exsisted! You knew when you had your time frame you had a time when you could get another… that also limited the # of passes that were printed for specific times vs now its just all willy nilly! I think the # is like in the 100s bc its digital vs probably a certain max paper and it was way less then 100! And now you can use it you even have a late bracket as long as it doesn’t go beyond 15 mins from it! Before it was thats your time thats your time! I also hate das! It doesnt help limit time it doesnt help anyone on reg line like fp+ now i am still waiting bc before fp had to be expedited now its still a line! That doesnt help when you have someone w a need that cant wait and has das for a reason! We all cant be make a wish people to get different access oh wait those poor folks are in fp+ lines too!

  11. Tony Ferrante

    I rode this on Saturday. I loved being immersed in walking around, being able to see underneath, and look down on the Falcon as I was going through the queue.

    I loved being able to be the Gunner,
    But had trouble seeing because my Pilot was very large.
    God help the poor people who end up as Engineers and have to sit in the 3rd Row.
    If their gunners and pilots are big and tall, their ride experience is going to SUCK

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