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  1. Harley

    I agree with him lines arent the experience the area and batuu is! Letting people roam and see all of it! The ride is only part of it. The parks are all about experiences bc thats what walt wanted! He wanted experiences for everyone! Remember disney got the ideas for the parks bc his girls were at a fair w a few rides he was like what if this was all an experience not just a ride?! Also i think its the space at both DL and even dhs they both dont have capacity the other parks do. So yes its going to look worse if wdw has worse capacity but it doesnt go by capacity of area but of park! Even w batuu for safety reasons and sure DL has it too you need to limit the amount of people! So many people are now in wait till the next ride opens and other things come into play during the year but people want to go! Thats what disney looks at truthfully is the projected #s not right now bc they know its only going to grow and flux and thats just goes for every experience!

    1. Mark

      Amen harley!

    2. Kelvington

      Isn’t this the guy who gutted the plans. Got rid of the roaming droids, drones flying overhead, and all the actors interacting above the crowd? I would dearly loved to have seen the full bore experience.

      I imagine he’ll do the same thing to the hotel before it’s finished as well.

      1. Jackie

        I am not sure about dl but wdw i heard the droids werent ready to roam besides its been raining badly here and tech plus rain dont go duh! There are roaming characters at wdw saw them at preview they said their be more out when its opening. Drones arent aloud to fly bc of safety and some other reason that wasnt even disney fault.

  2. Harley

    Jackie great points to even add to the experience there are books and comic series coming out some are out now to coincide to it all which is pretty nice bonus to the adventures and story we know!

  3. Darth Ackbar

    I dunno. Other than that one little girl dressed up as Rey who seemed to have a great time, nope, I’m convinced kids hate Star Wars! ALL OF THEM, every other kid EVERYwhere, all over the planet, on all the other continents, including those in submarines (again, other than ONE darling tyke from the earlier article. But man, she really LIKES it.)

    1. Mark

      Mine does and i saw plenty on batuu do you all decide to just gang up on each other is it fun! Seriously your a werid fanbase cant you just like it bc its star wars wo raining on everyone elses parade!
      I see kids all the time doing jedi academy! Wow maybe you should open your eyes more and stop jumping on the bandwagon of stupid opinions and get your own! Theres plenty out there that love batuu adults and kids alike! Besides thats not what this article is about go tell your tale somewhere else!

      1. Harley

        Wasnt it you or someone else whom said if you listen to hate you spread it more! Though i think everyone whom complains needs to reevaluate if there fans honestly! We all like what we like and thats ok! And besides if we werent all kids once growing up on star wars how would the next gen know what it is to even have batuu etc.???!!!

        1. Film Fan

          You are right about what happens when you spread hate, and we should just continue to live our own lives as the best people we can be. But anyone who complains is not always someone spreading hate. They are spreading criticism. The reason why the criticism is so angry right now is because people don’t feel like they are being listened to. When someone keeps saying, “kids hate Star Wars,” they will get irritated and say, “How many times must I tell you? They hate the current Star Wars!” And that’s the problem. They are being ignored and called “haters” without letting them vent. Fans are, obviously, livid at what’s happening to Star Wars. And if adults and kids aren’t happy with it, Disney needs to rethink their strategy. I mean, t’s not a bad thing for little girls to meet Rey, but there are others who want to meet Luke Skywalker from the original trilogy. Because they don’t have things that pertain to the originals and prequels, those fans feel alienated. The only way Galaxy’s Edge works is if it has everything that makes Star Wars special. But right now, that is not being done. Add that with mediocre films, dull toy lines, and Lucasfilm allowing filmmakers to disrespect their fanbase, that’s why there are people who are angry. The only way the hate can stop is when companies stop expressing hate to their customers and start taking responsibility for their actions.

  4. Harley

    I hear you film fan and you have a right to vent i do too but i think theres many star wars fans whom love it for the sake of it just being star wars and they arent aloud to be heard and it seems only thr negative is! I watch live feeds went to batuu and been in theatres w fans whom love star wars! I do see the other side yes but i think the venting is overboard sometimes to say everyone hates star wars is NOT TRUE! If you truly hate it then your honestly not a real fan someone whose true blue past it to their kids or even grandkids has their frustration but also still loves something about it to be a fan! Thats my opinion your aloud yours but please stop make it sound like your way is it! There are plenty of star wars fans whom love it bc its star wars just like theres wdw fans whom will always love wdw no matter what! I happen to be both my kid is too and my family is too! And we are the majority not you! Bc alot of people still have hope in their favorite things and isnt that what the force is about hope!

    1. Film Fan

      I never said I hated Star Wars. Far from it. But this topic of what makes a true fan is also what causes the divide. You like everything Star Wa ars, and that is great. But there are others who like certain Star Wars works, and they aren’t fans of the current run. That doesn’t mean they aren’t true fans. Heck, I like Star Trek, but not everything they’ve done is great. So what? I’m not a true fan if I like The Next Generation and not Voyager? In the end, you’re right about that we do not hear the positive more often, and that we shouldn’t make blanket judgements about how people feel. I didn’t mean to generalize. I just feel bad for people feeling alienated.

      1. Harley

        I hear you loud and clear if i insulted you i am so sorry i just am sick of hearing the negative and wish we all get along! I think bc of that they are keeping star tours open as thats orginal as the orginals batuu is for the new! I know its not much but at least they arent getting rid of another classic ride! I wish there were more positive negatives like you whom explain and aloud me to explain and we meet in the middle vs others whom told my friend your not a fan bc you came out of the new movies or batuu be gone! I think if that makes them love star wars enough to go back and love it more by seeing the orginals and just loving star wars! I look at it from the prospect of a kid to a kid this land just like jedi training is everything to them! They see it and believe it just like you or i had luke and looked up to him this gen has rey and poe and now Vi out of batuu its all the same to me! And the next gen could love star wars too and we have to see it from thar prospect we were all once kids and now the next gen just doesnt have a hand me down they have their own! Yes to us it might be messy i agree w you but i am still glad its there just like rebels and rogue one those werent needed to me i get those stories but they are great to lots of people esp kids! I think more fans need to meet in middle and give benefit of doubt!

    2. Mark

      Amen harley as a new fan i love it all and i am throw out like dirt bc of the minor voices of hate sorry its not venting its hate! The tides turn and then you still have enough to call yourself a fan please! You hated the last movie thats fine batuu isnt your thing ok but people should have their say as much as you can vent bc theres alot of fan i agree w harley those whom are die hards that WILL NOT turn their back on it for ANYONE!! Just like we vent about oh this is just $$$$ for disney they dont care but we still have hope in our parks though we all know! But we still love our favorite things!
      And like i said before to say all kids hate star wars is being blind by your hate and venting! Theres lots of kids that love it and wish they could be jedi so much schools are opening up (I have a studio right up the block from me i just signed up my daughter)And yet you say kids hate star wars… then who are those classes for???
      Keep venting doesnt stop me nor my daughter from loving star wars or loving batuu and hoping it has a successful opening amongst the storm scare! And everyone in fl be safe!

  5. Jackie

    Honest to god does anyone read the article or just click comment to post something negative!
    Get over yourself your not the target audience anymore!!!!! The general oublic and general star wars fan whom i agree w harley have kids that line up for jedi training and love batuu already is their target audience! I remember someone saying somewhere else how do you know what batuu is like if you havent gone!? Hearsay isnt the way to go!
    There are millions of fans around the world whom dont share your vent! I am sorry its the truth i happen to love star wars bc i love a good story! I love the idea of batuu and can not wait to go experience it! Also someone once said to me if someone goes to jump off a bridge are you going too and for what reason just bc everyone is doing it??? Guess what i know many of star wars fans whom love the new movies and old movies alike and are upset its over and thats the only think they are upset about and for that reason are grateful for batuu!
    There are many people out there waiting for batuu just so they could live out their dreams of being part of star wars they dont care about the minor stuff they want the star wars experience which btw this article is about so take your vent elsewhere please! I am tired from hearing from the minority!

    1. Mark

      If i was still in fl i get over all this and worry about dorian and the important things in your life not batuu opening! My prayers go out to everyone in fl for all of it! The way the track looks on our news its like Irma and sadly around the same time stamp too w everything happening within the next wk! Also when it comes to batuu is an experience most star wars fans want to be part of bc like jackie said its all ending! This is what we got folks deal w it your way but dont tell me to find the highway bc i love batuu! I also agree w jackie less hate to something that hasnt open yet! Film fan and harley i agree w you no hate period but positive venting even if it sounds negative theres a difference between outward hate if you have hate then why are you here? To venting and hearing each to the pt of to each his own is fine and i agree… ie. I know i am new but you have to admit 7-9 are better than the prequels that arent loved at all! I remember when those came out people wanted to know what happen lucas! Those things are useless and i as a new fan even got them from 4-6 story i didnt need to see em! Its funny how people bring up luke but hes a very flawed character and very human not the great jedi thats why he sees so much of Ren/Rey and is scared for them and understands them… bc they are both him which to me i can see someone being bored bc of it but at the same time you should love it bc its all star wars and all the same! Its science fiction not reality!

  6. Eddie

    I think he’s been coached very well by high-priced media trainers. Of COURSE they wanted long lines and overcrowding. If that’s truly not their plan, then they would have gotten rid of FastPass years ago. They have 45 minute waits for SPACESHIP EARTH, for crying out loud. And they’ve never done a thing to improve that, only to make it worse.

    1. Jackie

      Eddie you apparently havent read the plans for epcot then bc they are finally rebooting sse! Besides i think $$$ talks and i like to give him benefit of doubt as hes only human and makes mistakes as i said somewhere else hes doing something esp here at dhs and now epcot! Unlike queen meg whom sat on her throne
      like she was iger and people before her too that did squat! Also remember he might be in charge of parks but theres also people above him whom are like $$$$$ he might be too but he could be a puppet as well! I rather stay positive and give benefits of doubts first then just say abcd just like star wars and batuu i rather not hear the hate and see for myself!

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