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avengers campus

Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM Reporter


  1. Harley

    Is it me or does that photo look a whole like the part of the epcot model on the far left corner (look at moana article for model). It could be my imagination or just wishful thinking to see something more than guardians misplaced (while its ok at epcot contrary to popular beliefs energy was a classic to many and still brought in the crowds esp now in the heat no one cared it was boring it was 45 mins not walking in ac) and i am just trying to hope and not be negative! What would be really cool is capt marvel ride somewhere it screamed attraction while watching the movie… think of the cool bonus of an animatronic goose going flerken as you leave (or for photo moment bc you know wdw loves those so much). Like i said just staying positive!

  2. Mark

    Is it me or is that the same stark enterprise looking building in the corner of the epcot model… oh disney you tricky thing you!

    1. Harley


      1. Harley

        And no thats play pavilion! Wonders of life looks different in model rendering i thought same but saw it up close on another picture.

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