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Temporary Spider-Man grave stone

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  1. Harley

    This story to begin with is just sad and these poor parents lost their baby and the longer this continues…. let this poor little soul rest in peace!

  2. Julie

    Can we be human first for a moment? Doesnt Disney have enough money? They should buy what ever stone the family wants. It’s not always about money, shame on Disney.

  3. Rob

    Shame on you Disney! Disgusting behavior! Y’all are proving that it’s all about the money with you.

  4. Kyle

    Disney doesn’t own Spiderman. Sony does. They can’t make that decision.

    1. Scott Sanders

      Marvel owns Spider-man. Sony holds the rights to Spider-man movies. Marvel is owned by Disney so, yes Spider-man is owned by Disney.

    2. Matt Morrison

      As deplorable as this whole act is, they ‘DO’ own the rights to him. SONY only has ‘MOVIE’ rights.

  5. Kevin

    It’s sad that the kid passed, of course. But using someone’s IP againt their wishes or without their blessing is still infringement. Because someone loses a child, it’s okay to break the law and get whatever you want now? And on top of that it’s “shame on Disney”? Wow. For the ppl saying Disney only cares about money: Although they have the RIGHT to only care about money, since they’re a for profit org, that isn’t it at all. If they let one family use their IP however they want, what’s to stop EVERYONE from using their IP whenever they want? Wake up ppl, rules don’t just go out the window because a child dies. It’s very sad, but that doesn’t mean we just forget laws and rules.

    1. DarkBear

      *Applauds you* People need to wake up and realize that IPs are NOT theirs..whether it’s Spiderman or Bugs Bunny or Pikachu or even Freddy Fazbear-it’s someone else’s IP,and that IP owners must protect their property from being used without their consent. That father needs to stop trying to take on Disney and he needs to move on.I had a little 6-year-old brother who died,but did we decorate his grave with Smurfs or the Tazmanian Devil? No,because we don’t own Smurfs or Taz.

      To all the people who are basing Disney for this: If you any of you created a cartoon character and called it ” Dennis Dog” and made him famous,would you want the general public to use “Dennis Dog” without your permission? No? Then why should you expect Disney and Marvel to just stand by quietly and twiddle their thumbs if someone uses Spiderman without permission? Think hard about it.

  6. Mike

    can anyone contact the family? They should try and contact Sony and see if they can use a version of Spider-man they own? (Raimi or even Into the Spider-Verse?

  7. BG

    I think its a justified decision on Disneys behalf, albeit in a sad sad situation.
    The decision to NOT allow any markers, headstones, urns or caskets goes back to a decision WALT made .
    We as adults can see a grave marker or casket and see its underlying tragedy and sadness. Children (Disneys audience) see the characters and associate that with the situation.
    Maybe it’s Disney’s not wanting their audience to lose their innocence to soon, maybe they don’t want to profit from grief or maybe its a corporate decision to maintain the pureness of their IP.
    Its not about money, if it was they would be in this business too.

  8. BleepBloop

    A tragic loss, but allowing headstones with commercial characters is a slippery slope and, in general, tasteless.

  9. M

    I would say it’s none of the Cenpmatreys business or Dinseyland as well. They should keep the stone there I think it looks cute. All my Prayers too this sweet little Boys Family too. No one has any right too remove things no right. So it stays. You People are evil for not keeping it. What if it was your Son. For the Family May The Force Be With You.

  10. M

    I think the Stone should stay. Because I think it looks cute. The parents Family has every right too do what they want. It’s none of the Cematrey or other business but the Family. We have too respect there wishes. All my Prayers too the Famliy . May The Force Be With You.

  11. Harley

    The sad part of it is that this is the “temporary” stone not the permanent one and it still had to be removed i understand points being made…. but this isnt the actual stone and it was still removed thats where it gets questionable? I get the whole what Walt wanted its like you can not put ashes down at HM! But this is a child not an adult! Second its not the stone they might get they arent getting disney to say yes so they made a temporary stone thats like saying i can not put something from jaws down till my grandpa stone got there and not ask uni! I did that btw bc my grandpa loved brucy! I never got in trouble! Whatever side your on you have to admit this poor family just wants to let there little one rest in peace and cant be of silliness! Thats wrong to me!

  12. C

    Where’s the link to the petition? I want to sign.
    I understand it’s Disney’s property, but this is a tombstone, not something that’ll be used for profit.
    Disney has become too big for itself, has forgotten what Disney was built for & Robert Iger only cares about the money; not any of the Disney employees/the fans!

  13. Shauna Jackson

    My 17 year daughter brought up the idea,”Maybe someone can laser engrave the kid in a spider-man costume, that wouldn’t be copyright would it? He is wearing his favorite superhero and it’s his picture.” Maybe someone can come up with an idea like that for his family?


    That is the saddest most disrespectful someone could do especially to a deceased 4 year old boy? Now I know Disney is just pure evil no heart just all about money!! Like are you serious? Praying for this family for peace and comfort may God shine his light for you and your little Angel

  15. Dr. Mark

    Typical uncaring, unfeeling, and ungrateful business bastards.

  16. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    Anyone bashing Disney for this is STUPID and has no compassion. Shame on the father for dragging his dead son into this.

    1. Michael

      So you’re obviously a dumba$$

  17. Gary

    Shame on you Disney. It’s all about the money….isnt it?

  18. Aleshia

    Sad..let this man find peace remembering his son with spiderman stone.. doesnt hurt disney in any way.. i love disney but this is crazy

  19. Melanie Durham

    It’s just a sad situation altogether! I feel so bad for the family losing their little one! I couldn’t imagine what they are going through!
    I would love to sign that petition as well! Does anyone know where the link is?

  20. Sarah

    Where does this end, exactly. In the area where our little girls are buried, parents bring all kinds of things to put in front of the gravestone – little stuffed superheros, Barbie dolls, Disney themed balloons, etc, etc. Disney images are used in child’s grave decorations every day. I don’t see much of a difference. I’m guessing the real problem is they don’t want to see Disney themed headstones themselves, but they don’t want anyone else selling it either.

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