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    Melanie Durham

    Can you please stop placing your personal videos here where when we scroll it scrolls with us and we have to take the time and close it out! It gets in the way of what we are reading! It would be nice if you had your videos on here but if they did not scroll with us so it does not get in the way of what we are reading please! Or, place a link in here if you would like us to see something! I’m sure I’m not the only one!
    Thank you for all you do here and thank you for listening to suggestions!

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      Amen i was just about to make the same comment on another pg love itm you guys rock but the videos popping up sucks!
      P.s. to the article no one in there right mind disney is shelling out money on stuff another website or some crafty type in their family could make esp those spirit jerseys its not rock science you need a tee and some puffy paints from joanns!

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