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Disney World ticket prices

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  1. Harley

    Back then you had a choice of adventure booklets or actual tickets. There was 3 different ticket ranges child, junior (wish they still had) and adult. They were converted into 1 ticket after studios opened that was stamped each visit!
    After that once more on property hotels became the thing the “key to the world” came into play! Similar to band except it was all on your room key!
    I remember when i was 11 or 12 and i got an annual for reasons i wont disclose…. but i will state bc it was out of state for $210 and my picture was put on it! So those of you that feel weirded out my magic bands dont they are an improvement!

    1. Mark

      Omg my friend i remember the dumb ap cards it was like going to the dmv! You had to wait at ap which was separate area at guest relations outside of park to just take you picture. Because for some stupid reason they needed a new photo of you every yr! This was a separate area still used the same 3 guest relations cm and it was like that scene in zootopia w judy hoops coming out at night bc girl half your day now was shot and all you had to do was get a picture! Magic bands are a vast improvement to it all. Except fps sorry changing that system was dumb! But at least its still free!

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