Disney is selling White Sangria and Mango Mimosa Wine Pops

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White Sangria And Mango Mimosa Wine Pops

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Summer is here at Walt Disney World, making a walk around any part of the resort a little warm and sticky. However, Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs has something fun and boozy that’ll cool you down: White Sangria and Mango Mimosa Wine Pops!

All Disney fans know that the company has recently been quite inventive with their mixing of alcohol and delicious treats and this new sweet has just been added to this wonderful list and we’re obsessed. The pops are known as Fusion Pops and are now available at the pizza shop in Disney Springs.

The pops run for $5 to $9 per pop and are available in the flavors of White Sangria, Mango Mimosa, and Back Porch Peach. For guests under the age of 21, Pizza Ponte also offers a variety of non-alcoholic flavors as well.

This isn’t the first time the Walt Disney World Resort has seen booze infused popsicles. In May, Epcot premiered Cocktail Popsicles by Pop Fusion at the theme park’s Italy Pavilion at the Via Napoli beverage and snack cart.

The pops come in the flavors of Limoncello, Sparkling Strawberry Wine, and Berry Sangria. However, these pops are little steeper than Pizza Ponte’s as they are listed at the price points of $12 and $13.

The pops could have been priced higher at Epcot due to the fact that they feature fresh fruits inside of them, including strawberries and blueberries. These new pops at Disney Springs only feature the infusion of booze. But, we’re not complaining!

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Will you be heading over to Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs to sample these new boozy pops? Let us know in the comments below!

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