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Abigail Disney and Disneyland

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  1. Ellyn

    She’s offended or embarrassed by the Disney money based on what I’ve heard her say. She’s given plenty of it away. Kudos. Average people can’t afford Disney parks now, how can they if wages at the parks rise to more than average people earn? She can always subsidize Disney employees if her heart is with them. Disney will never achieve “perfection”. Try being a coal miner, firefighter, police, military, factory or textile mill employee.

    1. Mell

      Perhaps stop paying Igor $65,000,000 and pay him less, use the difference to pay the employees a better wage. My daughter was in the college program by Disney and was paid $10 per hour. From this they would take out the rent for the 8 person apartment and my daughter was barely left with enough to live on. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave for sure!!

  2. Ericka Alonzo

    Typical, they respond with the typical “but i have black friends” response. Disney should be aiming way higher for their slave labor. Who the eff has time for education when they are slaving to get to and from work for hours, work endlessly each day to make ends meat in one of the highest rent areas in N.Am, take care of their family and selves, and take a freaking break?!?! How is there time for school? Your gestures of goodwill are nice for the handful of people seeking to gti back to school, essentially they are saying they want people to leave and find better jobs. She makes a good point that they should be able to work here for life, it’s a community hub and joy, it’s a landmark, and we need good people in there. It’s a high demand work environment and high demand business, they should definitely be offered more, a livable wage, not a McDonald’s wage. Even still, the idea is people think, will they are essentially fast food worker level, cheap, not essential employees, like McDonald’s. And while i hate McDonald’s restaurant, i would never knock them as non essential workers who deserve non livable wages. People around they world flock to the golden arches for several of their meal per day, they rely on these people to feed them, safely, healthily, speedily. High demand. Should, just like other work, equal higher payout. But instead we push them away and down because everyone should be lawyers and doctors and teachers and pro athletes. Makes no sense. Our whole society is backwards. Cognitive dissonance. The fissure between what we think and how we and the disparity between it.
    Disney workers for sure deserve health care, full and part time, full time paid in full, not low cost. They deserve vacay days, sick days, and childcare for sure. Just like we all do. But this isn’t a progressive country or even a logical one. This isn’t Denmark. This isn’t Sweden. Its all idealism right now. Good on her for shedding light on in though.

  3. I’m very impressed that Abagail spoke up about all this. Hats off to her!! Yes Disney does some good programs for their employees but they need to do MUCH MUCH MORE!! They certainly can afford it. They need to step up and do the right thing and maybe other big companies will follow Disney honestly should freeze or reduce their ticket prices It’s over the top and needs to be capped. Single day tickets and annual passes have sky rocketed out of control They are loosing the perspective of what Walt was trying to accomplish. It’s time for a “time out” and reevaluate where they are going as a company. I’m a huge fan as well as a DVC member of 23 years and every year it’s harder and harder to get my family back down for vacations I thought the response from the company was too late and lame. Step up and be a leader and give back to the people working hard in the trenches Now is the time!!!!

  4. Christy

    I think that she is a little out of touch. Disney albeit hasn’t been the best with working conditions but i feel that they are trying to make steps to change that, i.e free schooling, 15 an hour minimum wage. The problem is inflation and cost of living across the board. Where I live we created more jobs and so then more people moved in and then supply and demand took over and rent has skyrocketed to where most people can’t afford the rent or to purchase a house. The wage disparity is not unique to Disney and Disney won’t be able to pay these people enough to change the circumstances.

    1. Michell Doe

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. Disney is doing their best, the real problem is inflation etc. I have plenty of friends who work for Disney, they are all super happy.

  5. Susan Jones

    I just don’t believe that “EVERY” employee told her they are digging in other peoples’ garbage for food. Is she on a mission or something?

  6. Steven

    I am at Disney vacation club member and I just want to say that Abigail is right I love Disney but the problem is it’s not Disney anymore it’s money grubbing idiots that run the company that just want to line their pockets I think the CEO should be kicking it himself since he made $65 million in 2018 what do you call that what’s that all about The reason why Disney is gotten so expensive is because it’s not run by Disney anymore Walt and his brother must be rolling in their graves if they were here to see this they would put a stop to it and that CEO would be fired he deserves it again I love Disney but it is out of hand when people like to see you go making all that money and they go by the hourly wage that’s a joke there is no compassion there Just greedy sorry

  7. jenny

    I like how they talk about their full time benefits… most of us are not full time and it’s not that easy to get. Sure they pay $15 an hour but when you can’t get full time and Star Wars land didn’t do as well as they thought, all those part time cast members are struggling to get 20 hours a week.

    1. Tania

      I just left Disney after 5 years. I didn’t make $15.00 an hour. I made 12.30, as a matter of fact the union is still trying to negotiate the $15.00 as I write this.

    2. Claud

      Wow sre they really getting $15 hourly. .like you said PT if it’s slow you guts are the firstto get hours cut . I’ve been there done that plus i drove 70 mile each way .stopped working i. 2016.

  8. Tania

    I just left Disney after 5 years. I didn’t make $15.00 an hour. I made 12.30, as a matter of fact the union is still trying to negotiate the $15.00 as I write this.

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