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Disney Princesses short hair

Credit: Disney / brightside.me


  1. Harley

    All these artists are amazing so great wrk but if i could comment one thing would someone to please draw pocahontas to be the right age for once not hot to trot Disney version it is a “reimagining” of the character after all. That would truly be inspiring!

  2. Cheryl Ann Machado

    Pocahontas is beautiful with short hair. The others not do much, except Rapunzel; but we already knew she was adorable with short hair.

    1. April

      I agree, but I think Ariel is just adorable with short hair!

  3. None of these looked that good.

  4. Victoria Bell

    Mulan doesn’t look that different, especially since she did cut her own hair in the movie. Also, WHERE’S TIANA?!

    1. Annon

      For most of these the picture wasn’t changed (like Mulan) or was very badly photo shopped (like Anna and Elsa) just saying

  5. Chantel

    This artist didn’t reimagine them with short haircuts. They deleted ponytails, braids, or lobbed off the bottom half. Look at Moana, if she had short hair it wouldn’t lay that way. Reimagining them would be decided who gets a pixie and who gets a bob, picking layers or asymmetrical cuts for them.

    1. Brittney

      Completely agree! It wasn’t at all an amazing reimagining. It was an easy photoshop. They weren’t natural looking at all, that was disappointing.

  6. Deborah Phillips

    Where’s Tiana?

  7. Dawn

    Yeah, where is Tiana? I recently saw The Princess and the Frog for the first time and I was amazed! It was really good! Why it did poorly at the box office is beyond me. Too bad Disney isn’t progressive enough to totally reimagine the live action Little Mermaid with an all black cast set in Jamaica or the Bahamas. Instead they cast a young woman of color as Ariel and call it “diversity “. I call it the easy way out of making Disney films truly diverse and inclusive. Oh, and the haircuts were badly photoshopped and disappointing.

  8. I completely disagree. I have always disliked women with short hair, and have always loved the long hair look, and all of the Disney princesses originally with long hair is no different. Changing that would be greatest mistake ever.
    I’m greatly disappointed at even the very suggested idea of such a thing of giving any of them short hair.

  9. Jenny

    Merida’s hair is just wrong. She has curly hair and when you cut it short, theres no weight and the curls get tighter.

  10. Natalie

    I hate it so much. Where’s Tiana. This is a big mess. I like the original style. >:(

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