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Disney Cruise Line

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  1. Al

    Now…how about offering us Unlimited Wi-Fi?? This is so important with today’s technology!! Most of us like to be connected while on vacation.

    1. HQ

      I completely agree. Being a veteran of 8 Disney cruises, that is my only complaint with DCL. They charge a higher than average price for their cruises, so it should not be a big deal to include ulimited Wi-Fi.

  2. Erica Oliver

    I agree, unlimited wifi! We recently sailed with another cruise line for the first time and oh my did we miss DCL! The ONLY good thing about it was that you paid a one off price for the internet. It was so good not having to check how much data you have left all the time. As a business woman sole trader I need to be in touch with home at all times. Having said that I promote DCL to anyone that listen.

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