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  1. My granddaughter is the biggest fan I know! We have the movies, her bedroom is done in Descendants. she has all the dolls so far, the costumes so she can “play” Mal, we even turned her Barbie house into a Descendants house. We went on YouTube and even built Dizzys Curl Up & Dye Salon

  2. Dove

    I love the descendants movies!!

  3. Margaret

    My 9 year old (soon to be 10) granddaughter is a big fan. She has memorized most of the words in most of the songs. We have watched Descenndants 1 & 2 soooooo many times.

  4. Harley

    I am an adult and even if i didnt have kids i would love descendants! This movies are a great way to teach difference as well as to show people change along w in the end vk auradon they are all the same!
    The songs are great to jam too esp chillin like a villain! The books are awesome too and a great read for in between the movies.
    Cant wait for friday and vk day party!

  5. Yolanda

    I would really like to win next because I have none of them and I been a fan since the first one

  6. I know all the lyrics to the songs and I have been watching descendants since it came out and I have been watching all the trailers for descendants 3 and have honored Cameron Boyce and praying for his family!

  7. joy


  8. MARY O

    G (8 years old) & I ???? this movie! Love the dolls!

  9. Laura Nazario

    Really cute doll…my 5 year old already screamed “Mal” as I scrolled through the page. She is obsessed with The Descendants!

  10. Mindi Eden

    Wish folks would also list their Snapchat handle. It never works off my laptop screen! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. JANE jakins

    thanks for chance to win

    1. Diane Baum

      My granddaughter would love this collection

  12. My daughter and I are huge fans of the movies, we are always singing the songs together. They are great influences on young children, teaching good from bad❤

  13. Isla

    I love it so much because I’m an actress to so I love the movie

  14. Erika

    I love DESCENDANTS ????????

  15. Erika


    1. Jennifer Fontana

      That’s another Mal doll…, not Evie lol C’mon ya’ll! I should win just for realizing ??

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