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    Concerning Abigail Disney strong suggestion on the employees need for a raise… Yes, definitely the least the CEO can do is support and execute a 15% percent raise to the employees at all Walt Disney.

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    19.50 an hour isn’t a “career” wage in Anaheim. A career wage means you can afford a home. When homes cost 900k, what can you possibly afford?

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    Yes the employees do need a raise!!! And if the owner is against, the people should challenge him on camera/marathon to wear one of the costumes outside for eight to nine hours so he can feel the feeling. Will he be able to smile for that many hours and still go home happy! I am for the raise and keep all benefits! With all the additions and what Disney charges, The owner can definitely afford it!!!!

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    Barney Rubble

    Ouch. Talk about a PR fail on Disney. They better clean up this mess or else. Even giants fall.

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    I have compassion with employees and by no means living in Anaheim area is cheap. Its the choices we all make. Everyone does not live in CA and for a reason of cost of living. Demand and supply of labor determines price of labor like everything else. To compare a CEO’s salary and bonus is not an answer. Whoever makes it to the top has compromised several hours of their game time, dating time, family time, taken lots of risks, towards achieving their goals. Success is never an accident!! That being said it would be nice if he chose to share his bonus but to demand anything is debatable.

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      So what you are saying is that despite the fact that the park is located in Anaheim and that it needs employees to run he shouldn’t have to pay people enough to live in Anaheim to run his park? Do you understand how ridiculous that is?

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    Before I give an opinion I need further information. It sounds like the Benefits for full-time employees is admirable. BUT – how about the part-time employees? Just how many of them are there compared to full-time who receive the benefits? I’ve seen many a company tout their benefits for “hourly” employees that are full-time but give nothing to their part-timers. Many companies hire two part-timers rather than one full-timer in order to get around giving them benefits. What is the comparison in Disney? Are they doing the same thing?

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    Fred Flintstone

    Many of the 30,000 employees that drive up the average salary are the engineer, marketing, HR, executive assistant-level positions who work at the administration building. They drive up the “average salary” because obviously they make more; but there are fewer of them. They make an average of $80,000 a year…an “average” self-sustainable salary. Does their $80,000 a year job of strategic planning with meetings, plans, drawings, and agendas make them more or less important than an employee making $16/hr accurately taking orders, politely serving and responsibly collecting and accounting for $200,000 cash in a shift while being that person who leaves the lasting impression of the Disney brand on that customer any less important? But, the majority of employees are part-timers. They make an average of about $20,000 a year part-time. For those who do the grunt work and are visible in the parks by the guests…those who have the most interactions as they did with Ms. Disney…have a different outlook and experience. Most are part-time without benefits…make very little, and work multiple part-time jobs. Many have multiple college degrees, and just haven’t gotten a break in life…and keep plugging away at life hoping something better will happen with, or without Disney. A full-time Park employee will make an “average” of $40,000 a yr; about double that of a part-time employee. There’s a huge talent pool at their fingertips, but they choose not to tap into it. Everyone there works hard in different capacities; skilled or non-skilled. Just as the CEO pay is a huge discrepancy, so is the spread between Park and Admin employees. Many who work at Disney love their job, and if they could just find that balance of being able to keep a self-sustainable…average lifestyle just as most like to enjoy…they’d have an employee for life who loves what they do each and every day whether it’s strategic planning or scraping gum off a trash can.

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    Right. Fair wage. We’re talking California? I think $19.50/hr avg. is just enough to book a toilet as a home on a 6-month lease (…perhaps I jest a little). Besides, that figure probably does not represent a mean average, but an overall, which out of thousand of employees means that many baseline at minimum wage. In addition, how many, for the sake of having some hope, have hamster-ed for the ubiquitous temporary employee status since 2009 or for part-time status…or under the table with sub-contractors? Rather than do all that math, let’s consider the picture of truly conscientious citizenry which would require moguls to spend back into the republic’s health and vibrancy. How many CEOs, pitted with such a notion, would squirm …then puke compulsively? To quote Ms. Disney, “it’s a system problem…”.

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    nick besseling

    The issue is skilled versus non-skilled work, many more people qualify for the non-skilled category.
    Most of us go thru the process of starting at a low wage even with advanced education, my suggestion is for the $15.00 hr people to move up the ladder somehow look at where the pay is more to your liking for example engineering the US is contracting engineering Jobs abroad due to a shortage in the US.
    Quit your MacDonald/Disney type service job move to a place where your education is being valued and the cost of living is lower, being an immigrant in Canada I faced the same choices, we have our medial insurance payed with a monthly fee of $37.00 collectively we pay through payroll taxes, it helps to offset the monthly expenses
    But to complain about your choice of employment does not say much about your own character.

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    Both of my kids work and Walt Disney World. When your cast in your role you clearly know the wage and hours your are going to be working. If you don’t like them then don’t agree to work for the company. Everything is very clear in the hiring process. There are no surprises with this company.

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    Bob Igers total compensation , split between the 201,000 Disney employees would only increase their annual income by $330 a year. Jobs are only worth what someone will do it for. If no one will do it for $15-$19 per hour, they would have to pay more (and of course raise prices on products to cover the increase.) and then everyone would complain about that!

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      They do it regardless. Prices go up all over disney from parking to food regardless of raises so it doesnt matter they can give no raises they will still up the price.

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