Stay at Hagrid’s Hut overnight – Vacation like a Wizard Part 1

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While his motorbike adventure might be dazzling guests at Islands of Adventure, Hagrid’s Hut welcomes overnight guests. However, this particular Ground Keeper’s Cottage resides within the United Kingdom.

North Eastern Great Britain, hosts this Hagrid hut masterpiece. In addition, the same destination also boasts a Hobbit-like Shire House along with Shepherd Huts (which are shaped like Gypsy wagons).

Mischief Managed? Harry Potter

On the coast of Great Britain’s North Sea, northeast of Leeds and Manchester rests an enchanting collection of overnight accommodations. Specifically, these North Yorkshire fantasy inspired incarnations to live within the borough of Cleveland. North Shire, as it is known, provides perfect surroundings for these enchanting incarnations.

Harry Potter fans have the opportunity to experience the home of Hogwarts’ famous giant. Thankfully, for no-maj (non-magical) guests, Hagrid’s hut has many modern muggle conveniences. North Shire’s recreation of this humble hut manages a Potter-perfect exterior appearance.

Seaside location Hagrid's Huts

Magical creature comforts

Within Hagrid’s Hut, kitchen and living room spaces receive modern treatment. Both share a common space. In the center, comfy couches find themselves placed in front of the fireplace. One couch allows for extra sleeping accommodations. Behind those, kitchen conveniences manage meal making tasks.

Hagrid's Hut living area

Hagrid's Hut Kitchen area

In the hut’s bedroom, three beds await overnight visitors. In addition to the main bed, a pair of bunks add extra sleeping space.

Hagrid's Hut bedroom1

Hagrid's Hut Bedroom

Dark green tile creates the bathroom’s boundary. To one side, a colorful stained-glass window adds light. Perched atop a weathered barrel, the room’s copper wash basin matches an equally gleaming copper bath tub.

Hagrid's Hut bathroom

Hagrid's Hut copper

Additionally, hiding within, a few familiar accents are sure to delight any Wizarding World fan.

Hagrid's Hut diary

Hagrid's Hut Fang's leash

Hagrid’s Hut on holiday

This Potter powered inspiration is one of several enticing enchantments. At North Shire, fantasy fans find that not all who wander are lost. Especially, if they choose the Hobbit-hole inspired Shire House. Gypsy shaped Shepherd Huts also evoke mystery and magic. All of these enchanting experiences welcome overnight visitors. There’s even a Dragon’s Café on site!

Hobbit Hole

Shepherd's Hut

Green Dragon

Sea vistas and a captivating countryside setting make this a magical holiday escape. For info on booking and availability, point browsers to North Shire’s website. While there, check out special events. These include an October pumpkin patch and a witches & wizards festival. Also, North Shire offers wedding packages.

North Shire

Fortunately, there’s no need to try a turn at tea leaf reading to find magical accommodations. Inside the Magic will reveal more muggle-ready manifestations soon. Look for these in the next installment of this “Vacation like a wizard” spell-binding series.

Source and images: North Shire, Wikipedia

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