Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak available to pre-order for all muggles

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Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

This summer muggles may disappear thanks to a new Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. Toymaker WOW Stuff brings the enchanted cape to the US this August.

Currently, the cloak sells only in the UK via Smyths Toys. However, this August this magical masterpiece makes its way to the United States. Pre-order exclusively on Amazon starting July 1stPre-orders materialized for muggles (see below)!

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak with app


It seems that Cornish Pixies have crossed our signals.  Fortunately, resourceful muggles have discovered this enchanting gem. Not at Amazon, but Barnes & Noble offers pre-order options.  So far, only the deluxe version can be found ($74.99). Pre-order  here.

Harry Potter Invisibility CloakHarry Potter received his cloak of invisibility in the first installment of Rowling’s fantasy novels. It was not until much later in the series that fans learned of its significance to the Wizarding World. Harry’s cloak was one of three items that make the Deathly Hallows. As told in the “Tale of the Three Brothers” This particular cape allowed the user to be invisible to Death himself.

Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak revealed to no-maj fans

Surprising muggles in the Empire State, Wow Stuff’s spellbinding cloak prototype apparated at the New York Toy Fair (February 2019). Delightfully decorated to match its appearance in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” this cloak of invisibility is a full 55 inches tall.

Although this clever cloak cannot be found in the US yet, WOW stuff does have a user guide posted to their website.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak instructions

Making muggles invisible

While the exterior resembles its movie counterpart, inside is all green. This allows for a bit of in-home movie magic via the required smartphone app. Each one comes with its own unique code that is entered into the app. Set the timer and then jump in front of the phone’s camera. Turn the cloak inside-out and wrap it around whatever is desired to be rendered invisible. Magically, whatever is under the garment mysteriously vanishes!

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak box

Two versions of the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Standard style retails for about $70. Since recording the magic requires a perfectly still device, this set includes a folding phone stand.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak standard

For an extra $10, the deluxe version adds a winding serpent pattern to the border of the cloak. Additionally, a tabletop tripod is shipped with this fancier selection. Images suggest the deluxe set is a complete Deathly Hallows collection.


Would-be wizards who cannot wait on the US arrival via Barnes & Noble can visit Smyths (UK). Otherwise, keep an eye, pensive, or owl tuned to Inside the Magic for a purchasing link as soon as this amazing collectible apparates onto Barnes & Noble.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak front and back

Source and images: Harry Potter Wiki, Pop Insider, Smyths, WOW Stuff

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