Frozen Themed Rental Home Features Frozen Fractals All Around and a Movie Theater

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Frozen-themed bedroom

Credit: VRBO

If you can’t get enough of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa and dream of being immersed in a fun and frozen home full of all the beloved Disney film’s major characters–we may have just found your ticket to Arendelle.

Feast your eyes on Olaf’s Frozen Funhouse, a new addition to the rental vacation home site VRBO, just in time for the resurgence of the Frozen-frenzy.

Frozen-themed bedroom
Credit: VRBO

Located in Kissimmee, Florida, this “Frozen” themed getaway is right next to Orlando, FL and is a convent three-mile drive to Walt Disney World. Superfans can actually go to Epcot and experience Frozen Ever After and then come home to this wintery wonderland.

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The 4,000 square foot home features seven bedrooms, four with “Frozen” themed artwork and wall coverings of the film’s beloved characters. The home also features murals located throughout different public areas as well, including the kitchen, which features a mural of Princess Anna and Prince Hans.

Frozen-themed kitchen
Credit: VRBO

For guests staying in the home, who become nostalgic from all of the movie’s elements plastered around them, can catch of a screening of the film in its in-home movie theater, which is also “Frozen” themed of course.

Frozen-themed theater
Credit: VRBO

If all the “Frozen” fun makes guests too cold, they can always warm up out back at the rental home’s “Frozen” themed swimming area, which features a mini Olaf water park, hot tubs and a light up swimming pool.

Frozen-themed pool
Credit: VRBO

You might ask, how much is it to stay in such a fun and frozen environment? Well, you can rent this property for $400 per night. The house sleeps up to 16 people, perfect for families of all sizes.

To take a closer look at the rental property, be sure to visit the listing here.

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