Comments for New Disney Dooney & Bourke Cats collection is purr-fect for the parks

Disney Dooney & Bourke Cats collection

Credit: Disney Parks & Resort Concierge Services


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    Love this. Hopefully I can get one at retail cost before they all go to eBay at a ridiculous cost like the Winnie The Pooh which I have yet to afford.

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    Joyce Lindsey

    By far the best collection in from the Disney Cruise Line. I have them all.

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    I have never owned a “name brand” purse, but I think I will have to get one of these ones! I’m excited about Raja, Si and Am being on the bags!

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    Shelly Johnson

    How do you get these

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    Shari Barton

    I feel the same way but what so strange is that they are selling out! It’s a shame how high those Disney Dooney’s are. I’m a collector of Dooney & Bourke, but those prices are ridiculous!!!!

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