Comments for “Avengers: Endgame” star Chris Evans speaks out against “Straight Pride” parade

Chris Evans denounces "Straight Pride"

Source: Comicbook.com - Marvel Studios


  1. Alicia Carter

    Why do most people jump to that word Homophobia. I feel everyone should be free to have a day/month to share their sexuality. We hear and see you. We also embrace our heterosexual identity too. Straight Pride!!!

    1. Matt

      I’m sorry Alicia, but as a straight person, you don’t have to fear walking down the street holding your partners hand and having strangers calling you f****t, there aren’t religious fanatics on the corner of the places you hang out with large signs saying that gays go to hell. There aren’t conversion therapy for whatever you are. There are countries all over the world where you can be killed for being openly gay. So instead of straight pride month just be happy that you straight people have it much easier on the whole, and check your privilege

      1. Matt

        And as a Disney fan, it’s sad, instead of being selfish, and thinking “why don’t I get a straight pride”, we should take pride month and thank all of the LGBTIQ+ people who work at Disney, for their contributions on making every part of Disney magical for us…

        Because they are there at every level from cast members, to imagineers, to actors To directors.

        1. Reverse prejudice is just as bad as prejudice from the majority towards the minority, Matt. Stop telling us to check our privilege. As for religious fanatics telling you you will go to Hell, I suppose there are individuals filled with hate against you. But most of us are truly concerned that you will, and because we LOVE you, we don’t want you to spend an unhappy eternity. It may inconvenience you in this lifetime, but just try to imagine being “inconvenienced” forever and ever. The Bible clearly says this, and God doesn’t change His mind along with the whims of mortal man. Men who think themselves wiser than God are fools. But don’t ever believe it if some self-righteous person says to your face, “Jesus hates you!” because nothing is further from the truth. He loves you, but you have to come to Him on His own terms, not expect him to kowtow to yours.

    2. Aaron

      Next you will demand white pride month (this coming from a white person) but if we’re including everyone in pride events then everyone should be included. Or mabey those of you who dont suffer and fight for your rights can just shut up. Have a seat Alicia!

  2. John Musser

    You are attacking someone because they are proud to be straight? Makes sense

    1. matt

      I like whenever a gay person defends themselves, people just say omg they are attacking us straight people. If Alicia can voice her dumb opinions online then you are opening the forum to people who disagree with you.

      You clearly are not an ally of the gay community so just leave us alone and let us celebrate our month on our own terms. I love the straight ally’s who support the community. If straight pride does become a nationally recognized event for whatever reason, and if one of my straight friends asked me to go with them and show support I would. So just calm down, and try to be nicer to people who in the big scheme of things have no direct impact on your life.

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