Must Have Munchies: Baskin Robbins serves Stranger Things treats

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We’re less than a month from the premiere of season 3 and Baskin Robbins is ready! Celebrate 11’s return with new flavors, treats and even merchandise from “Stranger Things.”

Summer chills deserve appropriate must have munchies. As Netflix’s runaway retro hit returns July 4th, the show’s summer setting turns Baskin Robbins upside down.

Scoops Ahoy

Baskin Robbins (BR) supports summer’s small screen spooky return of “Stranger Things” with new flavors, treats and toys inspired by the Netflix show. The ice cream company revealed its new must-have munchies online. The upside down themed page comes complete with house lights and a bunch of brilliantly described “Stranger Things” themed treats.

“One summer can change everything. Stranger Things returns with ice cream flavors inspired by your favorite characters, take-home treats to enjoy while watching at home, and exclusive merchandise that will disappear before you know it – available only at Baskin-Robbins.”    – BR website

collectable quart containers at Baskin Robbins

Fiendishly Fun Food from Baskin Robbins

Eleven’s Heaven

Designed to resemble a favored frozen breakfast treat, this waffle cone flavored ice cream (with sugar cone pieces) has a ribbon of chocolate icing running through it.

Elleven's Heaven from Baskin Robbins

Upside-down Pralines

Traditional praline and cream flavor is turned upside-down by replacing cream flavor with chocolate ice cream. A stream of chocolate caramel is added as well.

upside down pralines from Baskin Robbins

Upside-down Sundae

Perched on caramel topping, Upside-down Praline ice cream receives whipped topping, chopped almonds and, of course, a cherry on top.

Upside down Sundae at Baskin Robbins

Elevenade Freeze

Baskin Robbins mixes Minute Maid lemonade with vanilla ice cream is the perfect way to cool off while binge-watching season 3.

Elevenade Freeze at Baskin Robbins

Demogorgon Sundae

“A Demogorgon you can defeat with a spoon (or two). Very Berry Strawberry ice cream and strawberry topping sit inside a Demogorgon waffle bowl, decorated with nonpareils and red sprinkles. Make sure to eat it before it eats you.” –Baskin Robbins

Demogorgon Sundae

Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza

Baskin Robbins reached back to season 1 for this treat. To create it, they added Snickers ice cream on top of a chocolate chip cookie. For the final step, they topped that with a thin stream of fudge icing and M&M candies (to resemble holiday lights).

House Lights Polar Pizza

Finally, enjoy a special flavor with packaging inspiration taken directly from the show’s third season. Scoops Ahoy is the fictional ice cream store found within Hawkins’ Starcourt Mall. BR packs this exclusive quart container with its signature butterscotch pieces infused butterscotch ice cream.  U.S.S. Butterscotch sells as a pre-packed quart of ice cream, ready to take home.

USS Butterscotch at Baskin Robbins

Stranger Merchandise at Baskin Robbins

Ice cream isn’t the only way to celebrate “Stranger Things” return at BR. Exclusive show themed merchandise lands at select stores. These include collectibles from Funko POP figures to specially designed plastic quart containers (to take home your favorite flavors).


collectable quart containers at Baskin Robbins

There’s even a Scoops Ahoy themed swag, including magnets, stickers, and T-shirts.

stranger things magnet and stickers

Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy T shirt at Baskin Robbins

“Stranger Things” does not return to Netflix until July 4th. After that, all three seasons stream on the channel. However, these inspired must have munchies and collectibles at Baskin Robbins will only be around for the summer.

Source and images: Baskin Robbins

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