Tom Hiddleston reported to return as Loki after his Disney+ series

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Earlier this month, the Russo brothers revealed the fate of Loki following the events that occurred in “Avengers: Endgame.” However, what they didn’t speak on was what is to occur following his short stint on Disney+, which is believed to be his return to the MCU.

For those who don’t remember, in “Avengers: Endgame, we see Loki only for a short period of time when Tony Stark and Scott Lang travel back to 2012 to steal the Space Stone. However, due to some missteps, Loki ends up with the stone and then disappears. Where he goes was a mystery until the Russo brothers revealed he transports safely into his own timeline.

Credit: Marvel Studios

When this show premieres on Disney+, it will be a limited running show with only an eight-episode season and this has some wondering — what comes next for the master of manipulation?

As of right now, it really isn’t known. However, according to a rumored source close to We Got This Covered, it’s believed that Tom Hiddleston will return the MCU at some point to reprise his role. The report states, “he’ll be appearing in the MCU again after that [the Disney+ show] wraps up.”

Credit: Marvel Studios

However, when Hiddleston is to return to the MCU, it’s not known if it will be in a movie or another TV series. From We Got This Covered’s report, it seems either at this point is possible. The report continues, “Marvel wants to explore the aforementioned alternate timeline, where the god of mischief escaped with the Space Stone and never went on to redeem himself, partially in ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and fully in ‘Ragnarok.'”

This is only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, if it is true, then we could potentially see Loki return to the MCU quite differently from how he left it.

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Source: We Got This Covered

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