Heart Attack Alert! Disneyland’s Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake

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Who likes Funnel Cake? Who likes Spicy Chips (maybe Cheetos)? Now, who is willing to put those together? If that sounds good to you then Disneyland’s Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake may be just for you.

This funnel cake isn’t the regular fried dough topped with powdered sugar and maybe even fruit topping that we grew up with. We all remember these sweet treats at the country fair. But now Disneyland has taken a classic and spiced it up. Introducing the Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake, part of the Get Your Ears On Celebration.

The $7.99 Funnel cake is topped with (get this) Spicy Chips (looks like Cheetos to me) and drizzled with Cheese Sauce.  We all know Disneyland has amazing foods, cupcakes, cookies and of course various meals that we all crave. Given all of that deliciousness, you may wonder, why do we also need a Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake?

Because they can. Lately, Disney has been experimenting with different types of foods, like during ’90s Night, they sold Pickles dipped in fruit punch and topped with tajin. That doesn’t sound so bad, after all its a pickle. But now Disneyland has taken one of my favorite desserts (funnel cake) and spiced it up.

I was curious about how it tasted but not really brave enough to try this myself. So far most people I’ve talked to generally agree it’s not too bad. The general consensus seems to be that its best eaten when the cheese and cake are still warm. Of course, if you don’t like spicy foods or spicy Cheetos for that matter, don’t get it or at least make sure you have plenty of water nearby. It does have a kick.

Fantasylandfoodies shared their pictures with us and it kinda looks like something I shouldn’t tell my cardiologist about. But heck isn’t that true of all great foods?

If you want to try this strange funnel cake yourself, head on over to the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland Park before this limited time “dessert” is gone.

What do you think of this Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake? Will you be brave enough to try it?

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