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New MagicBand Upgrade Options Coming Soon at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Diane Bevilacqua

    Love this idea. Just stinks we miss out . we just renewed our anual passes

  2. Mick

    when does this start

    1. Travis W Green

      The 15th is the date. However, at this time, only new reservations from that date on will qualify for this upgrade.

  3. Clare

    How can UK guest upgrade ?

  4. Travis W Green

    I wasn’t sure where to send this info but I thought it might be helpful for you guys to discuss – this is what I was able to gather today about the upcoming Magicband upgrade:

    The 15th is the date. However, at this time, only new reservations from that date on will qualify for this upgrade. I expressed my displeasure for any of us who book a year in advance. I was told that if there are enough calls, Disney may have to change the policy and allow those of us who already have chosen our magicbands. You should be able to use this upgrade option until your reservation is 11 days out of your stay. The video and info released is very misleading. I would keep checking the site. I was also told if you simple “choose to decline” that you will still only be presented with the same color options that were available when you booked. So best not to decline the free ones, but rather check back and see after the 15th – I am hoping that all the complaints may change how this goes down.Hope this helps, I had a very lengthy talk with someone who has been there for 20 plus years.

    1. Maria Dowling

      I’m excited about these bands.. is there a waiting list?

      1. Travis W Green

        No waiting list – however, at this time, only new reservations from May 15th on will qualify for this upgrade. As it stands now – we are hoping Disney will change that policy to allow pre-existing reservations to be included in the upgrade.

    2. Joseph Gaerttner

      We are doing the same. Our cutoff date for the freebie bands is in 4 or 5 days and I plan to check back in to see if we can upgrade after the 15th for June 12 to 15…

  5. Carrie

    I heard May 15, 2019

    1. Travis W Green

      The 15th is the date. However, at this time, only new reservations from that date on will qualify for this upgrade.

  6. Sheryl Lea Mason

    well that does it I am just going to cancel my trip…..NOT

  7. Mick

    well that sinks, how about DVC members?

  8. Alan

    It’s nuts that as we have booked for summer 2020 already we are currently not able to upgrade.

  9. Lorraine

    So if I have a current reservation for July & October & February 2020 we don’t qualify?

  10. Travis Green

    Yes. That is correct. We have been calling and complaining, hoping they will change the policy. Today is the day to check your My Disney Experience app and try. It didn’t give the option.

  11. Crystal Marincola

    How much does it cost to upgrade for each person if you do it in advance and get the discounted rate?

    1. Travis W Green

      Great News – When it launches, the offer will be available for previously-booked and newly-booked Disney Resort hotel reservations, as long as that reservation is still within the pre-arrival MagicBand selection window and your complimentary MagicBands haven’t already shipped. The upgrade will be around $10.00 ($14.99 off Regular price – it depends on the price of which one you are looking at).

      1. Claudia

        I tried today and I can´t

  12. Mick

    It’s the 17th can’t find this special

    1. Travis W Green

      I have contacted Disney – several times – trying to get a launch date. Nothing yet. I am still trying and will post something when I get any word. Until then, I was told to “keep checking”, which isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear. If you release a video and hype it up – then don’t let us hanging!

  13. Nicole Snelgrove

    When will this option be available? I keep checking, but so far nothing new.

  14. Travis W Green

    It the site is up an running, however, it has been crashing all morning. You will have to keep trying. I believe they are loading content and this is causing issues.

  15. Travis W Green

    The site is going to take some time to be working properly. So many hitting the site at once and they are still working on the backend. I just got off the phone with Disney and they are aware of the crashes and are working to fix the site. I was assured that none of these are going to “sell out” anytime soon (they’re all open editions), so if your Walt Disney World trip is not coming up in the immediate future, you might want to hold off on ordering for a few days.

    1. Christine

      Yesterday there were 75 options. Today 25. I’ve been trying and can’t lock mine in. Been on hold for ever with WDW.

    2. Christine

      There were 75 options yesterday. Now there are only 25. I still can’t lock mine in. Been on hold with WDW for ever!

      1. Travis W Green

        Keep trying. The site has had some issues with so many trying get their upgrade all at the same time. It will work, just takes some persistence.

  16. Mick

    Got mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Travis W Green

    After 35 attempts – mine finally are locked in!

  18. Mick

    Took me a couple hours to get through

  19. Craig

    We got ours on May 20th & got the confirmation email & all. But today May 29th, got an email saying to due overwhelming response they won’t be available. You won’t be charged.

    So, what was the point of having this? We selected in stock items, paid & were confirmed only to have them cancelled 9 days later. Our trip us in 26 days, so looks like we’re out of luck. Definitely a Disney fail in my opinion.

  20. Joe

    You should realistically only be able to order these upgraded magic bands 30 days out. That would allow less congestion and more availability of stock. Anyone ordering a year out is just adding to the problem… there is no reason to order that far in advance. My current trip is June 21st and I only got one(snacks band) of my 3 I ordered the other 2 were just the default grey even though I had a confirmation for Vader and the castle. My next trip is in October and I didn’t even attempt to order because there is no reason until I get closer to October so maybe September. Basically if you are more than 30 days out calm down and wait. It’s more fun to get them closer to your trip anyway.
    Please hold off on the trigger if you have more than 30 days before you leave… ?

    1. Travis W Green

      Joe has a great point and one that most will not follow. If everyone who isn’t within the 30 day window would have waited, the demand would have been far less and the site and Disney may have been able to handle it. This however was not the case and Disney simply dropped the ball big time on this one. How could they not have foreseen that this would be a huge issue and Everyone that could, would take advantage of this offer? It is simply unacceptable and should be fixed immediately. I was one of the few who was able to get all of my choices on the opening day of release. I did so by trying for over 5 hours, endlessly until I got through. And by locking in all 4 of our MagicBands at the same time. They are delivering tomorrow and we hit Disney on July 13th. Again, I was “lucky” or rather persistent, and I can understand why most don’t have the time nor energy to go through what I did. Disney could have done a way better job on this role out! Please Disney – fix this for those who are having issues!

      1. Kevin

        Honestly not sure how I feel about people not waiting. On the one hand, yeah it sucks that the people with more immediate trips can’t get their discounted upgraded band.

        On the other hand, there’s a lot of things to remember after booking a trip. A Magic Your Way package requires payment 45 days before arrival. You need to know the first day your fastpass+ window opens and what attractions you want to prioritize. If you want table service, you need a list of restaurants you want to prioritize and when your 180 day window opens.

        There are just so many things that if there’s a perk I don’t need to wait to order, I’m going to take it. What Disney should have done was realize this and create a database prioritizing those with more immediate dates. Anyone beyond the 30 days mark (like me) would still be able to order, but it would be effectively a pre-order. Once a trip is 30 days out, then the magic band(s) ship.

        This way, people who literally can’t wait due to a trip within 11-30 days get their bands, people can’t wait to order can look at their choices and pre-order (with bands shipping between the 11-30 day mark), and Disney can keep up its stock.

        1. Travis W Green

          Please forward this post to the IT and Marketing Departments at Disney!

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