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Haunted Mansion


  1. Kirk

    This looks like an awesome event. But the link in the article leads to a blank page on the Disney Parks website. I also cannot find mention of this anywhere else. I’d like to attend this. Can you provide further info?

    1. Michael Gavin

      I’m seeing other posts where fans cannot access the event page as well. I’m guessing Disney pulled the page (maybe to update?) or may have published prematurely. All the info in the above article came from what was available online last night. Initially the site mentioned reservations won’t go live until 5/23. Hopefully the event site will be back up before that.

  2. Stacey H

    I bet that is going to sell out really fast.

  3. Joyce Lindsey

    where is the website? Want to go but now what?

    1. EM

      They took the link down. Just keep checking the Disney website, that’ what I’ll be doing.

  4. Ryan M

    I really wanted to do this…until I read the cost of the ticket. It’s basically a $100/hour

  5. JC Arkham

    Does the price of the ticket include a room at DL hotel?

    1. Michael Gavin

      It did not appear so, no.

  6. Heather

    Michael Gavin- Does the $299 let you into the park for the whole day or just the few hours after the park is closed?

    1. Michael Gavin

      It appears to be only for the hours of the event. With a vanishing event site, it is difficult to answer accurately (sorry). Some events have let guests in early, but I’ve yet to see anything indicating either way with this one.

  7. Nancy SCHINGLE

    Any new word on if this is actually happening?!

  8. J

    Is this from a legit website? If you go to the site eventswithdisney.com (where the event was posted) it doesn’t look like it’s actually from the Company. Official Disney stuff usually goes through go.com. Something about this smells fishy. I think the fans just want it so bad that they believe anything… Trust me, the event details seem pretty cool, but it looks like fan fiction :-/

  9. Shawn

    Note that the Disney blog says 999 tenants waiting for 1 more (the whole idea of the ride with 999 spooks). That’s not the same as saying it’s limited to 999 guests/tickets. That bit is unclear from that page.

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