Comments for Disneyland is hiring Stormtroopers to work in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Credit: Disney / ITM


  1. Jeremias Riera

    It has always been my dream to perform as an Disney character for everyone. But I am only 5, 6 height. Is there a character I can be to become part of the star wars galaxy edge for Hollywood studios. This has always been my dream and I would like to be given a chance to be part of it.

    1. Fox

      Hi there, if you’re interested in playing a fur character (full costume) there’s you’re the perfect height for many! Such as Micky, Mini, Chip, Dale or Judy Hopps even! Disney basically has three sizes if I remember correctly the first being around your hight, then mid hight (around 6’) and tall like Goofy or Nick Wilde etc. Just keep an eye out for openings if you’re interested!

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