Cast Member Magic: Stitch stumbles in show of support for young fan

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Stitch falls in show of support to young fan

This past April, young Emily was so excited to see Stitch, she sped off towards the character. In her hurry to hug the cuddly character, she soon stumbled and fell.

However, a quick-thinking Stitch sank to the ground in his own faux fall, sharing the moment with the eager disguised fan. As Emily quickly recovered from her unplanned pavement dive, so did Stitch as he offered the child a hug.

This viral video, from the family’s April 18th visit to Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) is a perfect example of pure pixie dust powered magic. Experiment 626’s compassionate thinking, caught on camera, clearly shows the character going the extra mile. Not only did Stitch attempt to make Emily feel at ease after her fall, but he also bestowed her with a small gift.

Magical Moments with Stitch

Furthering the magic, additional images and videos show Princess Emily further engaging with Stitch and other characters. Kudos to Emily’s family for embracing and encouraging moments like this.

Young Guest gives Stitch a kiss

“Let them be little. Let them have fun. Let them explore the world in their own way. Let them make their own friends. Let them discover their interests. Let them dream. Embrace their uniqueness. Be supportive. The best photos are natural. The best videos are unexpected. I love my daughter for who she is. I wouldn’t change anything about her. She will change the world in her own way.” -disney_princess_emily

Stitch with young guest

Stitching Together Encouragement

Enchanting encounters such as this show the passion and dedication cast members and characters pour into making magic for guests. Preserved on video, this brief and overly adorable moment will not only continue to bring a smile to Emily and her family but also should serve as inspiration that it costs nothing to be kind and compassionate.

Have you enjoyed a similar magical moment where a theme park cast member went out of their way to bring a smile to your face? Please share your experience in the comments below (both as a way of saying thank you to those who work hard so others can play and as an encouragement to others to do the same).

Stitch walking with young fan

Source and images: Princess Emily Instagram, Fox13

in Disney, Disneyland Resort

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