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Disney's Art of Animation Resort

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  1. Kimberly Gallella

    “Though this new policy does not apply to luggage delivered directly to guest rooms via Magic Express…”

    Does it apply if you check in early in the day and leave your luggage with Bell Services until your room is ready and have it delivered once you are in your room? The policy does not make it clear.

  2. Jeff

    I understand your suggestion, but the screenshot of the policy suggests the fee applies to any packages received by the resort, period. No? Thanks for sharing this disappointing news. Oy!

  3. Tracy

    Everything that goes through front desk will have the charge according to the release. Not sure if the following is true > If you want to save money but still wish to receive mail or other deliveries while on vacation, remember that you can always pick up your own packages and mail at the Bell Services desk at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel.


    and if you make purchases at the park and have them sent to the hotel? are those subject to the $6 fee? add the parking fee and all the other fees … WDW is getting less attractive as a place to stay.

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