Unboxing BOXNEY – doorstep delivered Disney treats: April Goodie Box

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Earlier this spring we discovered a new delightful delivery service from Boxney. This subscription set up offers Disney fans an opportunity to have authentic Disney treats delivered to their doorstep.

This week, Inside the Magic, received a sample of the company’s “Goodie Box” to take a peek inside and share with you, our readers. Join us as we dive into the delicious discoveries delivered by Boxney.

Boxney Gift Box

Boxney’s website indicated their current delivery was expected to ship on April 11th. It was a happy surprise to find the Boxney box waiting at the front door the very next day. Within the brown shipping box, a bright pink parcel packed with plenty of yummy munchies from Walt Disney World begged to be opened. What could be waiting within the 18-inch by 11-inch by 4-inches deep treasure chest?

Boxney Snack Box

Boxney Snack Gift Box

Tasty Treasures

Nestled deep among the baby blue packing confetti, three Disney Parks bags, an assortment of other treats and several resort guide maps greeted this curious explorer. Once the merchandise bags were emptied, overnight shipping made sense as several of the items were fresh bakery goods that would probably not hold up if shipped under “normal” timetables.

Boxney Disney gift box

Disney Mickey Mouse Cookie

According to Boxney’s description, a regular “Goodie Box” ships with 4-7 edible items. This particular package produced nine tempting treats!

Disney Mickey Mouse Cookie

Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Pop

Disney popcorn

Minnie Mouse cookies

Mickey Mouse cookies

Star Wars gummies

Goofy's candy

Mickey Mouse candy

Disney sucker

Extra Fun

In addition to the treats above, our subscription sweets included theme park and resort guide maps, a Flower and Garden Festival passport and an “I’m Celebrating” button.

Walt Disney World maps and guides

Walt Disney World maps and guides

Final Thoughts

For someone who has easy access to, and makes frequent trips to Walt Disney World, this monthly subscription service is probably not going to have much appeal. However, for those who are not able to visit very often and desire a bit of theme park magic, Boxney delivers a delicious diversion of authentic must have munchies directly from the resort. With the added guide maps, this box brings a bit of pixie dust to everyday life.

As for the value of this $60 Goodie Box, that really depends on the buyer. Having not been to the Walt Disney World Resort recently, estimating the actual cost of each item is guesswork at best. However, fans of the tempting treats found at Disney parks and resorts, who may not otherwise be able to obtain such sweets, will enjoy the snacks supplied.

Boxney Disney gift box

Full inventory:


Fresh Mickey Ears sugar cookie

Fresh Minnie Ears crisped rice treat

9oz Zebra Stripe Popcorn

8oz Mickey Mouse Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

7oz Minnie’s Sweets Character Cookies

6oz Disney Parks Goofy Candy Co Sour Gummi Worms

6oz Disney Parks Star Wars Chewie Candy (Blue Raspberry Gummies)

2.7 oz Mickey Mouse Chocolatey-dipped coconut patties

.42oz multi-colored Unicorn Pop


Assorted park guides

Flower and Garden Show passport

“I’m Celebrating” button

Thank-you card

Source and images: Michael Gavin, Boxney

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