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Kylo Ren

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    My theory: Jar Jar Binks is Darth Plagueis, and he’s still alive.

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    O Thibideau

    All novels were made cannon prior to Disney’s purchase of Lucas Film, despite creative license Disney has made efforts to not step on the toes of the novels wherever possible. Immortality via possession is an old theme among the Sith. The rule of two states there can never be more than 2. A master to embody the power of the darkside, and an apprentice to crave it. Darth Bane mastered the technique after discovering the holocron in the deep core then used it to send part of his essence into his apprentice Darth Zannah after she surpassed him continuing to move down after she herself was usurped until the cycle was eventually broken again. Skipping the lore 5000 BBY and 1000 BBY prior to Episode 1 to after the fall of the empire and rise of the new republic. It was made cannon that Palpatine’s essence was moved from clone body to clone body getting progressively weaker with each possession until he was finally defeated once and for all by Jacen Solo. Darth Plagueis was never revived. The argument could be made that by waiting until Plagueis was weak, and feeble then killing him in his sleep he was never truly the master of the Sith as he never wrested mastery of the dark side as tradition required. Palpatine outlived 4 apprentices Dooku, Maul, Starkiller, and Vader, none of them were truly ever the Apprentice as Palpatine never ascended to Master. Snoke is not a Sith lord or a Darth, he’s a collector of Darkside relics and any 1 minor relic or holocron would have enough power to seduce him and possess him. I would suggest it is likely he is in possession of Darth Sidious’s or possibly Plagueis’s Holocron, and was influencing the fallen Dark Jedi Jacen, or Anakin Solo now called Kylo Ren under the relics control. This is a more likely scenario than reviving the long dead True master of the sith.

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