Comments for Dr. Pepper & Marvel team up for new flavor celebrating “Spider Man: Far From Home”

Spider-Man Dr. Pepper


  1. thanks for sharing

  2. mo

    Photographer, Writer, Actor. Armchair historian and Halloween fiend, often found wandering cemeteries, camera in hand or directing/shooting fiendishly fun photo shoots and shooting fan conventions like Omni Fandom Expo. Michael has had his images and stories published in Playboy, Forbes, The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly and St Augustine Entertainer. He now resides with his wife and three cats, in Jacksonville FL

  3. Kit

    I’ve tried Dark Berry Dr. Pepper in can form and in bottle form. The bottle is somehow cloying but the can I liked. All I can assume is that the plastic doesn’t play as well as the metal with the flavor or…something?

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