Comments for Massive Avengers: Endgame Sweepstakes

Avenger Endgame Toys


  1. Shirley

    Disneyland, here I come!

    1. Alan Perry

      Im in thanks for the chance to win

  2. Dana L Pugsley

    Awesome prize package and great review of the MCU

  3. Brandon Hardaker

    Disney and Marvel, let me win this.

  4. Mary Ann Hart

    Thanks for offering such a great prize!!!!!!!!!

  5. Robin Wolfe

    Be great to surprise the family

  6. Tonya Tipton

    This is indeed a MASSIVE package, I LOVE It.

  7. bob

    sure why not

  8. Ronald Oliver

    Yes, I think that it would be great to see more videos on the site. Thanks

  9. Eva Mack

    yes…why not

  10. Jannet Kwan

    Yes thank you for the contest!

  11. Deb


  12. Michelle D.

    Yes more videos like this!

  13. Loc V.

    I like the videos. Please post more!

  14. Suzanne Stewart

    This would be awesome!

  15. Rachael Simmons

    What a sweet giveaway. The movie made me cry. Cant deny I shed tears more then once. Thank you for the chance.

  16. Cynthia Finan

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  17. James Lee

    feed me more please

  18. nosogirl

    yes, more vids, please

  19. Deb C

    Would love to see more!

  20. LINDA H

    All I can say is just WOW!!!

  21. Melissa grant

    More movies

  22. Abubakr Ali

    Love y’all, making my insane life right now more fun and doable.

    1. Jennifer Gard

      This is so awesome .You People Rock!

  23. Brittnee Dunaway

    Love the movie wish it wasn’t the last one though

  24. Jessica L Shute

    Thank you for the opportunity

  25. carl


  26. Martha Fuller

    Thanks for the chance to win the Avengers prize pack. Would love to see more videos

  27. Tammy Liscio

    This is beyond awesome

  28. Cheryl Boudreau

    It would be great to win.

  29. miriama59

    Yes, I like videos like this but I am having a lot of problems with the Avengers one.

  30. Darlene

    Ty for a great opportunity!?

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