New Disney/Universal theme park service tops the list of April Fool’s Day fun

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Mailbox shaped like Thor´s hammer

Perhaps one of my favorite days of the year is April Fool’s day. Parody gold invades the internet with fun new discoveries in absurdity and humor.

Major brands often take a shot across the comedy bow with bogus products and impossible services. Gags from companies like T-Mobile, Think Geek, Google, and even a fun Disney/Universal theme park service did not disappoint.

A man using a device on the hips

Mouse Sherpa (Disney/Universal theme parks personal service)

Thanks to a tip from travel guru’s at “Your Mileage May Vary,” we’ve learned of a special service for guests visiting area theme parks. Mouse Sherpa is here to save the day and lighten the load! They can even babysit! Theme park service Mouse Sherpa showcases a solution now that oversized wagon strollers will soon be banned at Disney parks. The new personal service will help make visiting Central Florida’s theme parks a much more enjoyable experience. Check out the delightfully fun April Fool’s Day details on Your Mileage May Vary.

What is a Mouse Sherpa explanation

Mouse Sherpa logo

Disney introduced SNEARS

Snacking joined fashion as the Walt Disney Company teased a new, high tech set of temperature controlled, munching managing mouse ears.  Dubbed “SNEARS,” a combination of Snack + Ears, the hybrid hat made its debut on Twitter today.

A woman wearing Mickey Mouse ears that hold dole whip


For April Fool’s Day 2019, Cellular phone company T Mobile brings back the classic phone booth, but with a modern twist as PHONE BOOTHe. Offering a soundproof place to carry on conversations and a slick charging station, the company “plans” to roll out an app for its customers to reserve the exclusive phone booth. There’s even a selfie mode! These would be helpful at busy theme parks.

Google Tulip

Google has been releasing April Fool’s Day parody pages for as long as I can remember being able to surf the net. Their TISP (Toilet Internet Service Provider) alleged that connecting to sewer pipes would make a better infrastructure still stands out as fiendishly fun. This year the company introduced: Google Tulip, a tulip translator. Wonder if Disney would add this to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.

Marvel-ous made up fun from Think Geek

Nerdy toy company THINK GEEK has a tradition of introducing brilliant, yet bogus items on April Fools Day. This year is no exception. Products like the Burned Bread Toaster by Banksy Burned Bread Toaster by Banksy (along with its $1,370,000.00 price tag) prove life can also imitate art. Superhero fans may wish that both Thor’s Hammer mailbox the Captain Marvel Universal Pager and Thor’s Hammer Mailbox Captain Marvel Universal Pager were real products. Like these items? Keep an eye on the site, there could possibly be a Captain Marvel pager toy in the future. Past prank products have become real merchandise.

A man hitting a mailbox shaped as Thor hammer

Captain Marvel Universal Pager

Shutterstock stocks shelves

Not to be outdone, image seller Shutterstock added April Fools Day fun with a nod to traditional libraries. Today the company took a leap backward by announcing its forthcoming colossal brick-and-mortar library of all things, a contrast to its vast library of digital images.

Of course, with every new service, potential clients should thoroughly research details. This may include checking calendars to learn exactly what date such an announcement is posted (aka Happy April Fool’s!).

Which of these, or other April Fools Day delights (or others you may have discovered today) tickled your funny bone? Please share your giggle-worthy gags in the comments.

Source and images: Your Mileage May Vary, Think Geek, T-Mobile, CNet

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