Comments for 7-ELEVEN x Disney’s “Dream Camp Series” features new gear perfect for any camping trip

Credit: 7-ELEVEN


  1. Judy

    No 7-11 in this area. BLUFFTON, SC

  2. chris seeley

    Were will they be available for order?

  3. Bill Asher

    How do pre order these items

  4. pam dease

    I will lake to win.

  5. Kimberly Stahlbaum

    How does one get access to order these items, as I never even saw the first group of items.
    Thank you!

  6. Melissa

    How can we order some of these items. No 7-11 here in Indiana.

  7. Veronica Rangel

    How do you preorder?

  8. Kimberly Lynn

    same question, how do we order these items? I never saw the first round either.

  9. b0nni3

    hey dummies…can’t you read? the article CLEARLY says that these will ONLY be available in asia…

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