The internet thinks Andy had plastic surgery in “Toy Story 4” trailer

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The internet thinks Andy's had plastic surgery in "Toy Story 4" trailer

Credit: Twitter User @Mart8ndo

As most Disney/Pixar fans know, a moment we’ve all been waiting for finally occurred yesterday morning–the premiere of the first full-length trailer for “Toy Story 4“! And of course, when fans get any new trailer for any highly-anticipated film, they are usually pretty quick to analyze every last second of it. Well, upon some analyzation by fans of the “Toy Story 4” trailer on Twitter, it was found that a few shots involving Andy show the boy with somewhat of a new look from the original films. Naturally, the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this occurrence would be that Andy had “plastic surgery,” which many users on Twitter were quick to claim in an explosion of tweets now circulating the internet.

In the new trailer, featured above, we see Andy in only one quick shot about two minutes into the preview in what appears to be that of a flashback. In the shot, Andy can be seen happily spinning in circles with two of his favorite toys, Jessie and Buzz. However, in this scene, we also see a few changes in the boy’s face, including a change in bone structure and hair texture, specifically.

Andy playing with Woody and Andy playing with Buzz Lightyear

In tweets by fans, many asked “Did Pixar forget what Andy looks like?” and made comparisons to flashbacks from previous films showing the famous animated boy’s appearance looking a little different.

A more comical tweet that came out of all the commotion was a meme showing Andy in the new trailer and a Face ID prompt stating “Face Not Recognized,” which is generally found on a capable iPhone, from Twitter user Mart8ndo.

Another tweet that had us chuckling was a collection of screenshots of Andy from all four films assembled with a caption reading, “Andy from Toy Story will go down in history as the youngest child on Earth to go through intense facial reconstruction surgery 4 times,” said Mark Ricci.

In all the hullabaloo regarding Andy’s face, another group of Twitter users joined the conversation with a much different theory that claimed the changes made to Andy’s face were not from plastic surgery after all. Instead, they theorize the flashback shot of Andy may not even be a flashback, but a flash forward!

As part of this possible “flash forward,” the boy seen in the trailer may not be Andy at all, but instead his possible son.

However, in a report by Insider, which questions this theory, it draws attention to the fact that the scene shows the boy playing with Buzz and Jessie in a room featuring Andy’s recognizable posters, wallpaper, and red lamp. If this is the case, there is a good chance that the boy seen in the trailer is, in fact, Andy.

One more probable bet that could be made in the situation is that the first “Toy Story” film was not only the first feature film ever made by Pixar, but it was also the first feature-length film to be entirely computer animated as well. And when this film was created, back in 1995, this type of technology was still in its origins. So naturally, as iterations from the film series were made over time, technology became better with each film, which could have resulted with Andy appearing slightly different in each film.

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Source: Insider

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