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  1. Ken

    I’m glad on the smoking. Too many people didn’t use the smoking areas.

  2. Nachtwulf

    About time, I say! Disneyland was never built to accommodate people with these ridiculous rolling land yachts that most of the time they don’t even have their kids in! They’re just using them as cargo haulers. The shins of the non-stroller-pushing public say thank you.

    1. Nick

      Went to WDW in Dec. and had all the skin taken off the back of my ankle by a stroller. Your worst nightmare at WDW is a person with a double-wide stroller in one hand and a cell phone in the other. PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU’RE GOING.

      1. Jordan

        Um, a stroller being smaller isn’t going to stop some idiot from taking the skin off the back of your ankles with a stroller when they aren’t paying attention….just saying

  3. Rodney Frenette

    The smoking policy is ridiculous we already did not have enough places that we could smoke.. I spend $8,000 a year to go to Disney and if they can’t have secluded places to smoke and relax then they have gone too far for me and my family.

    1. Ken

      Or..you know..stop smoking and second hand smoking others.

    2. Ian

      Or you could save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and stop smoking and lengthen your life even more

    3. Todd

      Being ostracized from the happiest place on earth stings a bit, but the savings will quickly relieve the pain!

  4. Sandra whitfiel

    Since vap and e cigarettes only have steam not smoke like cigarettes why are they banned?they can’t hurt anyone else

    1. ken


    2. Andrew

      And they emit the same nicotine as cigs. The health risk is still there .

  5. Julie Zehr

    I am all for this! Yay Disney! I also wish that they would limit the use of the power scooters for people with medical or disability reasons only. Also not allow kids/grandchildren to ride in laps and drive the scooters. Already this year, I have been rammed in the back, while I was walking, by a man driving a scooter.

  6. Jana J

    I approve of the changes. Too crowded for either the really large strollers or people smoking. As for the ice, I don;t know the reasoning, but it’s not that big of a deal.

  7. Jaydee

    I’m all for the ban on smoking, in Oregon it’s pretty much banned everywhere, even outside, so going over spring break was gross to smell cigarette smoke when near the area. I dont understand the loose ice, esp when given for free inside the park? We fill hydroflask at the hotel with ice for water, is that banned too? Or just loose in a cooler?. I wish they would have a separate security line and entrance line for those with strollers, that need to unpack everything. They have them for no bags/bags…why not have one just for strollers?

  8. Diana

    The wagon ban Should be lifted because they are smaller in size than a lot of the strollers used. If a parent has to pay for a child over 3 years old they should be able to used something that makes the day at Disneyland more enjoyable to the child. Kids pay full price too and you are taking away their rights to be as comfortable as possible during there stay in the park.
    Our family has used both a stroller and a wagon and have found that the wagon is the easiest to use in the park.
    DISNEY please reconsider and lift the band on wagons in your parks.

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