Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" reboot in harsh waters, series might be walking the plank

Comments for Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” Reboot in Harsh Waters, Series Might Be Walking the Plank

"Pirates of the Caribbean" reboot approaching harsh waters movie cover

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  1. Kathy

    If Johnny Depp won’t be in the next installment, I’m not sure I care to see it anyway

  2. Tiffany

    I think they should still make the 6th Installment. 5 and 6 were originally supposed to be made back to Back so bring back the cast and finish the story and leave Johnny depp in the movie. He once said if you keep making the movies he will keep doing them. I absolutely love these please dont leave us Hanging.

  3. No reboot, please. End it with Johnny Depp & the rest of the cast (Bloom & Knightley) or don’t do anything at all.

  4. Carol

    These are my favorite movies of all time but the writing started going downhill after the 3rd one. They were only successful because of Johnny Depp . Anything without him wouldn’t be a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

  5. Kathy

    If We Can’t Have Johnny as Jack in The Movie, Let It Die … Because You Have…Cut Your Own Throat, Shot Yourself in The Foot, Cut Off Your Nose Despite Your Face, …YES, This Is You Without Johnny As JACK…

  6. See… I’d be -more than happy- to have a Pirates movie or two that didn’t focus on the same characters they’ve been grinding on for the past what, 15 years now? More?

    I love the feel of the PotC universe and the flavor of high seas fantasy that it has, but as much as I love Jack Sparrow and all the rest, I’m tired of them. Their stories have been told, and there’s no reason to keep retelling them, ESPECIALLY with different actors. If they’re going to do new PotC movies, they should BE new. Focus on Red’s tale, for example, or else just come up with a bunch of new characters just like they did when Black Pearl was written.

    I hope they don’t can the idea of ‘more Pirates movies’, but I really hope they do can the ‘but it’s a reboot’ angle. Maybe a TV show is the way to go…

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