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Epcot changes with new entrance

Credit: Disney


  1. Barbara DeVita

    And how much will this cost guests at the gate ? I won’t even go to WDW anymore to support someone’s $65 million dollar a year salary. That’s OBSCENE !!!!! And cast members ( who make the wheels turn) had to BEG to get more than $10 an hour. ! Walt would NOT be happy with the “greed machine” his dream has become ???

  2. frostysnowman

    Very happy to read about the re-do of the main entrance. Those Leave A Legacy photos are an eye sore and really take away from the over-all look of that area. Also excited to read about the transformation of Wonders of Life into a new pavillion! Disney needs more things to do at Epcot to help absorb some of the crowds.

  3. Jeannell Maxey Williams

    Actually Walt’s workers went on a strike due to not being treated fairly. Those workers are part of a union jthey can’t just get a raise it must be negotiated. And all ceos make that much that’s normal. Also tickets cost more cause the parks are crowded. Sadly raising prices is the only way to thin crowds.

  4. Mary Dougher

    Walt Disney World is gone. The MAGIC is just NOT there anymore. HOTEL ROOMS ARE BORING ,UGLY, AND JUST PLAIN BLAH.{They have a distinct LOW INCOME HOUSING LOOK.}. The place was soooo disappointing on my last visit, to what once was my favorite place to vacation. All the SPECIAL EFFECTS DISAPPEARED FROM THE PARKS. Even the fireworks display around the countries was different…like something was missing. I miss Disney as I knew it prior to my December 2018 vacation.???

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