Comments for Disney-Pixar’s Newest Short “Purl” Includes Adult Humor and Social Commentary

Cartoon ball of yarn person holding a box

“Purl” from Pixar's SparkShorts series. Credit: Pixar


  1. Jim

    Meh. You wouldn’t think this was Pixar if they didn’t tell you that it was. Disappointing.

  2. Kelvington

    So… there were no people of colour in that short. So is the yarn people of colour, or women? I only ask, because I’m confused as to how to hate myself. Maybe John Lasseter would know…

  3. Steve Walker

    Oh good, I was hoping hatred of white men would make it’s way into family entertainment. It’s been at least 12 minutes since the last piece of brave storytelling told me to repent for my privilege.

  4. Tom

    I thought the film Purl was terrific! As mentioned, Purl is part of the new Spark Shorts program at Pixar. The film deals with feelings of alienation that many feel when starting at a new job, school or even a team. The film also deals with the issues of feeling pressured to change just to fit in as well as the negative impact that a lack of gender and racial diversity can have in the workplace. I note that while Purl is characterized as a female (metaphorical pink ball of wool), these social issues can affect both women AND men in the workplace. As a result, the positive messages the film provides (which are: don’t change just to fit in, be true to yourself; respect one another and don’t prejudge people; and, the importance and value of gender and racial inclusion in the workplace) are relevant to both females and males in corporate America today….

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