More Potion Purple, D-Lish Disney Snacks merchandise coming to Walt Disney World

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A dog statue wearing a purple shirt

If you didn’t already get enough of Disney’s dazzling Potion Purple collection and their scrumptious D-Lish Disney Snacks series, you’re in luck, because both will be featuring even more items soon!

Disney’s Potion Purple and D-Lish Disney Snacks collection only made their debuts in the Disney Parks within the past few weeks and already have seen an incredibly positive response by Disney fans. And to celebrate, they’re serving up another course of awesome items that are sure to have park guests running to the nearest Disney Parks shopping locations.

Potion Purple

A collection that’s been bewitching with its eye-catching sequined flair now has even more Instagram-worthy items and accessories. Starting with an item that will leave your furry friends sparkling, is this new Potion Purple spirit jersey for dogs.

A dog statue wearing a purple shirt

close up of a dog wearing a shirt

The jersey features all the same coloring, text and Walt Disney World logos similar to the people version. Sizing for the new jersey is not yet available, but currently, the jersey appears to only be available in sizes for smaller dogs.

Another new accessory to the line, found at D-tech in Disney Springs, is this new Potion Purple iPhone case. The case features the show-stopping potion purple coloring with Mickey ears and the iconic white buttons found on his pants!

potion purple d-lish disney snacks

An accessory that can top off any Disney-inspired look is this new baseball cap. The hat features the Potion Purple coloring with a sparkling visor and a sequined appliqué that can change with just the swipe of your hand. The sequin design features “Love” text in both purple and silver sequins.

A hand holding a baseball hat


A person wearing a purple hat

D-Lish Disney Snacks

Here’s a look at some additional accessories that will keep you hungry for even more!

A few weeks ago, we saw the premiere of the D-Lish Disney Snacks Alex and Ani bracelets, and today we have a look at even more jewelry items from the line.

Every day at the Disney Parks is the best day and what better way to celebrate this than with this new bracelet? , Dole Whip, Mickey Mouse Cupcake, and a Mickey Waffle.

A hand holding a braclet

The jewelry collection also sees, for the first time ever, Disney Churros! The churro features a yellow-gold coloring with a paper wrapper. A separate necklace from the line includes a gold charm with text reading “But first. Churros!” text.

potion purple d-lish disney snacks

Another charm, recently made available on the D-Lish Disney Snacks Alex and Ani bracelet, has made its way to necklace form. The Minnie Mouse Donut Icon charm features three gold donuts with white icing, multi-colored sprinkles, and a big red bow.

A hand showing a Minnie Mouse necklace

One last, but certainly not least, add to the collection is this multi-charmed snack necklace, which features a Mickey Mouse cupcake, Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar and a broken heart with “Snack Queens” text.

A necklace

A dress, good enough to eat, is this D-Lish Disney Snacks dress, which features everyone’s favorite snacks of Mickey Waffles, Mickey Mouse ice cream cones, Mickey Ice Cream Bars, and many more delicious treats!

A child\'s dress

A child\'s dres

The collection has also added more pillows to its series, including a Minnie Mouse ice cream cone and cupcake. Additionally, the collection also has added a pink Minnie Mouse macaroon, which is scented to smell like strawberry macaroons.

A stuffed Minnie Mouse ice cream cone


A stuffed Minnie Mouse cupcake


A pink Minnie Mouse pillow

Fun for your feet! The collection has added Disney character-themed socks, which come in cute packaging, featuring a themed cup and bow. The three available pairs of socks are themed after Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy.

A hand holding a mug


A hand holding a mug


A mug

A sweet treat that can hold your loose change is this Mickey Mouse ice cream bar change purse. The purse features a single zipper compartment and can easily be carried by hand, as it offers a nice handle themed after a popsicle stick.

A purse


Mickey Bar purse

You can sip your drinks in style with this new Dole Whip-themed Tervis, which features white and yellow coloring similar to the ice cold treat. The cup also features a bent straw and screen art along its sides.

A cup of ice cream

If the Dole Whip-themed Tervis isn’t enough for you, the collection has also added a Dole Whip-themed beach towel! The towel is cut in the shape of a Dole Whip and features similar screen art to the Tervis, including an image of a Mickey icon umbrella.

Various merchandis

Unfortunately, some days at the Disney Parks will include rain, but what better way to shield yourself from a drizzle than with this Donut-themed umbrella. The umbrella features a chocolate frosting design with sprinkles, in addition to Mickey Mouse ears.


Another sweet and stylish accessory to keep you dry in inclement weather is this Disney Snacks rain jacket. The jacket features all of the Disney Snacks featured on the rest of the line’s items with the addition of pictures of attractions found at the theme parks.


Close up of a poncho

Last, but certainly not least, are these Sweet and Salty T-shirts. The grey cotton T-shirts feature a chocolate Mickey Mouse cupcake and a Mickey Mouse pretzel screen art with “Sweet” and “Salty” text.

Gray t-shirt


A close up of a gray t-shirt

If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at some other items from the D-Lish Disney Snacks and Potion Purple collections.

Disney did not give an official date for the release of these new items, but expect to see them in the Disney Parks and Disney Springs in the next few months as more items become available!

What are your thoughts on the new additions to these collections? Let us know in the comments below!

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