Exercise at Walt Disney World: Here’s how you can stay in shape on a Disney vacation

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So many of us visit Walt Disney World because of the magical experiences, the one-of-a-kind attractions, and (perhaps best of all) the delicious food. And if you’re anything like us, you probably feast on all of the delicious treats and dine at your favorite restaurants during your Walt Disney World vacation. But many Disney guests don’t realize that Walt Disney World also offers some pretty awesome opportunities to exercise during your trip. Here are all of the ways you can work out and stay in shape while on your Disney vacation.

Walking and running trails

Walking around your Disney Resort is a great way to get your daily exercise in while on vacation, but did you know that the resorts have designated walking and running trails? Whether you’re staying at a Value, Moderate, or Deluxe Resort, you can spend some time on a resort running trail. We suggest going for a walk or run around the running trail early in the morning before or during sunrise to take advantage of the cool Florida weather, especially during the warm summer months.

Sunrise yoga

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Yoga is a fantastic way to get a workout in before a day at the theme parks. Several Walt Disney World Resort hotels currently offer yoga on select days of the week during sunrise. You can take a free yoga class at your Disney resort (and you don’t even have to bring your own mat!). Most of the resorts that offer complimentary yoga classes are Deluxe resorts, and the classes are usually limited to around 20 guests of the resort where the class is being hosted. For more information on whether your resort offers yoga classes, visit the official Walt Disney World website or check with the front desk at your resort during your vacation.


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Those amazing swimming pools and water parks aren’t just for kids! Swimming is a fantastic workout, and if you’re going to exercise at Disney, why not do it at a themed swimming pool? Every resort has some pretty awesome pools where you can swim and exercise however you like, but we suggest making the trip over to Typhoon Lagoon. Staying afloat in that wave pool is definitely a workout!

Bike and surrey rentals

You can rent a variety of recreation equipment during your Disney vacation. Several locations throughout Walt Disney World, like Port Orleans and the BoardWalk, offer bike and surrey rentals so you and your family can go for a scenic ride while on vacation during a time when you’re not at the theme parks. This is a fantastic way to check out other resorts you aren’t staying at, as well.


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You can always utilize your resort’s gym during your vacation. The Deluxe Resorts at Walt Disney World have amazing fitness centers where you can use all of the equipment at no extra cost. Not all resorts have a fitness center, so if this is an amenity that will make or break your vacation, be sure to book a stay at a resort that has one.

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What are your tips for staying fit while on a Disney vacation? Share your experiences with us!

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