Comments for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge could bring 200,000 people to Disneyland on opening day

Galaxy's Edge crowds

Bob Chapek inside Millennium Falcon attraction. Credit: New York Times/Brooks Barnes


  1. I am assuming they will turn people away. We went to the Magic Kingdom one time for the 4th of July and they were turning away hundreds of people.

  2. Tim K

    With those numbers, they should have built a new park themed to the franchise. It could have included a new themed hotel like they are doing next to Hollywood Studios. Two rides and a bar? I’m not sure how people are going to truly experience all those interactive elements of the land when you can hardly move because of all the people.

  3. Rivercoon

    The official maximum capacity at Disneyland has been set at 85,000 since 1969. After that they stop letting people into the park. Is this being revised for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge?

  4. start booking now!

  5. Jennifer Helm

    Disneyland doesn’t have enough space to build an extra land.

  6. Mike McKee

    Disneyland gets unbearably crowded FAR below 85,000 people. Once you reach somewhere around 60,000 it’s just wall-to-wall people on every walkway.

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