Limited edition Mary Poppins doll brings a spoonful of sugar to shopDisney

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Mary Poppins doll


  1. Mary Poppins doll edition is the best thing to discover.

  2. Carrie Hoffert

    Mary Poppins Movie was coming out and could not wait to take my granddaughters to see this charming story! Then I found out that MERYL STREEP was in the movie! There is no way I can ever justify to my granddaughters that we would see any movie in which Meryl Streep is acting.
    How could I possibly justify taking them to see a movie that has a woman that jumped up onto her chair at the Oscars to celebrate and cheer for ROMAN POLANSKI, a man who drugged and raped a 14 year old child.
    How could I possibly justify to them that I supported an actress of the magnitude of star power in Hollywood that for years chose to keep her mouth shut about a serial rapist of women if they wanted to have a career in movies? I first became aware of Meryl Streep when she was featured in SAVY MAGAZINE in the early 80s and she had just made “French Lieutentant’s Woman” and her career in Motion Pictures was just beginning. I went to all of her movies for decades, most I loved.
    But then came that Oscar performance, when the name of Roman Polanski was announced……I was dismayed….a woman I admired professionally and for her support of women, cheering for a pedophile rapist of a 14 year old girl! Then later when she came out so strongly about President Trump being immoral that was disappointing as well.
    But when the announcement of sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein, became news it was the straw that “broke the back of the camel’ regarding the hypocrisy of Meryl Streep’s stance for support of women’s rights! There is NO WAY she lived and worked in Hollywood all of those years without being subjected to or at least hearing cocktail gossip about Harvey’s harrassment of actresses.
    It became apparent that for all of these years she has lived a life of total personal selfishness, happily benefitting from the misery of others while living a PHONEY life of luxury and self-grandiose!
    So I will have to pass seeing this movie with my granddaughters! I have explained to each of them specifically why and that they should live a life of honesty and compassion and never be like Meryl Streep!

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