Comments for Funkogate faux pas: revisiting Spooky Empire 2018 disappointments

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  1. Skyler Raymond

    Unfortunately, the minute Spooky management used the term “Spooky Family” in their “apology”, they created two classes of attendees… those that mattered, and those that don’t. Making that delineation shows a certain amount of disdain for their customers who don’t necessarily fit the definition of “family”. That makes Spooky worthy of neither the growth they’ve experienced, nor the patronage of any new customers. I was a 3 day attendee, and as a local, had to park in the sticks all 3 days, and was charged almost $50 to do it! I also saw the line for the Funko Pops that never moved because the VIPS were all being catered to. Also, when you have a very limited piece of Con Exclusive merchandise, allowing everyone to buy 3 of them per person is not a smart move. Limiting the Pop to 1 per would have been much more conducive to “spreading the love” and would have at least almost guaranteed movement in the standby line. Final note to Spooky Management: If you continue to treat both new or casual attendees with the lack of respect shown in your apology, good luck making enough profit to stay afloat when your only supporters are members of the “family”.

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