Comments for “Frozen 2”: What we know so far about Disney’s sequel

Elsa and Anna frozen 2


  1. Grace

    I defiantly don’t think Elsa getting a love interest is a good idea. being single is NOT a curse!
    the LGBT stuff is suitable for new characters NOT exisiting ones

  2. Kathy

    I don’t think LGBT should incorporated in this film. Children dont understand this kind of behavior. I for one don’t agree with it either. Just my opinion

  3. Lou Emily Chandler

    please dont give Elsa a girlfriend! Children dont understand these things and there’s nothing wrong with just leaving her single

  4. a1anne

    LGBT is not a behavior, and children understand it as long as it is explained to them as being ”Love with who ever you want”. Don’t worry our next generation of human will be better than ours, I already saw some little boys with pink dresses, it is so cute and they assumed it ( but playing a fairy game – in a fairy theme party I animated – was no good for a boy. A boy still a boy even with a pink dress :3 )

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