Figment Stretching Portraits put Epcot’s Purple Dragon Into Iconic Haunted Mansion Scenes

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Figment Stretching Portraits

Artwork by WendiGutz Art

Figment pays a visit to the Haunted Mansion for this series of adorable Figment Stretching Portraits from WendiGutz Art, an Orlando, Florida-based artist.

When guests enter the fan-favorite Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Parks, they’re welcomed into an octagonal room by the Ghost Host. Four paintings hang from the walls, and as the room seems to stretch, the paintings also stretch to reveal comically morbid scenes:

  • A man is revealed to be sitting on the shoulders of a second man, who sits on the shoulders of a third man, who is waist-deep in quicksand.
  • A young woman holding a parasol is revealed to be standing on a fraying tightrope above the jaws of an alligator.
  • An old woman holding a rose is revealed to be sitting on a gravestone, and a bust of her husband has a hatchet embedded in it.
  • An elegant man is revealed to be pantless and standing atop a barrel of dynamite.

In this collection, Epcot’s beloved purple dragon, Figment, steps into these iconic Stretching Portrait scenes. Have a look at the amazing artwork below.





You can purchase each of these prints in three sizes: 8×10 ($14), 12×16 ($22), or 16×20 ($24). The matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable archival paper, so you’ll have these in your Disney decor for years to come. With the gift-giving season upon us, these also make great presents for the Disney fans in your life.

Each portrait is sold separately, but we love the idea of placing them side-by-side to create one large Figment/Haunted Mansion mashup, as seen on the WendiGutz Art Facebook page:

There’s no doubt about it — Figment makes a great addition to the happy haunts of the Haunted Mansion. The Figment Stretching Portraits are available on the WendiGutz Art website, and international shipping is an option for overseas fans.

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