At Home Imagineering: “Guardians of the Galaxy”-inspired Galactic Arcadia

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Guardians of the Galaxy Galactic Arcadia

Patrick Fragale is no stranger to readers of Inside the Magic: his homemade “Peter Pan” experience appeared in our “At Home Imagineering” series in June 2017. Now, he’s back with a new “Guardians of the Galaxy”-inspired Galactic Arcadia.

Rocket enlists assistance in recovering Star-Lord’s lost Walkman in the retro video game “Guardians of the Galaxy, ROCKET RIDERS!” The adventure features an original story and specially created graphics in an immersive “Guardians of the Galaxy” themed environment.


This project is an original concept based on the films “Guardians of the Galaxy”…The ride takes place in a fictional arcade named: Galactic Arcadia! The arcade is particularly special because it is where young Peter Quill (a.k.a Star-Lord) would go to play Pac-Man in the early 1980s. Fast forward to modern day where the arcade is still open and continues to entertain kids and adults with its retro games. The newest game inside the arcade is ROCKET ROCKERS! Rocket Rockers is a game that was dreamed up and built by Peter Quill and given to the arcade as a gift in the summer of 2017. So come on in and play the all new: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, ROCKET ROCKERS!’”  –Patrick Fragale


Bright blue, with orange accents, Fragale’s at home Imagineering attraction features fiber optic “star field” and wind effects (thanks to a well-placed fan). 1980s-inspired accents line the walls, while arcade action takes place in the center of an 8-foot square wall. Character posters and futuristic banners complete the retro arcade vibe for the homemade Galactic Arcadia.





“Since this was an original story, custom animation had to be created. I collaborated with Cody Reanu to create original animation for this ride.” – Patrick Fragale



Patrick hosts a dedicated website showcasing his “Guardians of the Galaxy”-inspired Galactic Arcadia attraction. Images and videos follow the fabrication process. From the formation of flats supporting ride structure to installation of effects, lighting and final product, the site shows Fragale’s passion for his projects.




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Source, images, and video: Patrick Fragale’s website

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