At Home Imagineering: Peter Pan’s Flight ride simulator lets one fan fly over Neverland anytime

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We’ve enjoyed showcasing various home DIY Disney (and pop culture) inspired décor with everyone. In this installment, we’ll meet a fan who went above (literally) and beyond in his dedication to Disney’s magic.

Patrick Fragale has crafted a magical version of Peter Pan’s Flight ride in his own home.


Having recently graduated from college with a degree in Theater Design, Patrick applied the skills he learned to craft a home version of Peter Pan’s Flight. Using an electric wheelchair and several theater design tricks, he managed to complete the project in eight months.  His friend, Cody Renue, created an animated film for part of the ride experience.


Patrick described how the ride functions:

“The ride could hold 2 people at a time. Located behind the nursery set was my control room. The ride was very simple to operate. A film was created to showcase the story of the attraction, it was projected onto the screen located outside of the nursery window that the riders were looking out of. Once everyone was safely seated I would start the film (starting the attraction). Each effect was controlled by me using a Christmas Light remote, this allowed me to turn on and off each effect from the one location of behind the room. I would turn on and off each lighting effect at a time that matched the visuals of the film.

The ride car (wheelchair) was operated by me. Located on the chair’s armrest was a control stick that allowed me to move the chair upwards and downwards. When Peter Pan threw the pixie dust in the film, I would raise the chair so it gave the illusion that riders were floating off the ground. Once they returned from Never-land I would lower the chair. Simple dimmers were used to control the lamps in the nursery set, they would darken when the ride began and brighten at the end of the attraction.

The biggest challenge was that I did not have a way to program the show effects and movements to be automatic, I had to act as the “DJ” operating all effects and moves by myself.”


He’s created a website which details each step of the process.


How cool is that?  Imagine having a home version of your favorite theme park ride to enjoy whenever you want.  There would be no lines and you could ride any time of day you so desired.

I would love to feature your passion for pop culture and/or theme parks.  Do you have a room or part of your home that you’ve designed to reflect your passion.

Please drop me a line, I’d love to know more about and share it with our readers.  Write to

Images and video courtesy of Patrick Fragale

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