Halloween Music 3.0 – 13 tunes of terror for happy haunting – Part 2: vexing vocals

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Halloween Music: Scaretale

Halloween Music: theme parks and most professional haunts rely on this tool of terror to set the mood and add to the eerie ambiance. Home haunters and party ghost hosts and hostesses’ groove to the ghoulishly great sounds of the season to entertain monsters young and old.

From classic, nostalgic noteworthy novelties and vexing vocals to instru-mental music meant made to materialize monstrous moods, Halloween music is an essential element for a successful spooky season. Inside the Magic has turned over a few tombstones to unearth another creepy cool collection of 13 to-die-for fiendishly fun finds for fall fear fun.

Creepy Cool Covers (8-13)

For the final six sinister selections of Halloween music in this round up of macabre music, songs of the season step up for Halloween party fun and road trip tunes. All are ghoulishly great for gourd gutting (carving a jack-o-lantern), spirit filled (please drink/haunt responsibly) parties and long drives to that favorite haunt or cemetery.

8. “Phantom of the Opera“ Voiceplay is no stranger to sinister songs, their “Grim Grinning Ghosts” showcases the Spooktacular talents of this great group.

Amazing acapella talents of Voiceplay are joined by the vexing vocals of Rachel Potter for this “Phantom of the Opera” cover. Fiendishly fun and a more cinematic departure from their sensational voice only style, this boo-tifal rendition remains faithful to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s vision.

Voiceplay’s “Phantom of the Opera” can be found on iTunes.

9. “Thriller” Post Modern Jukebox, with their retro renditions of popular tunes, takes on a familiar fiendishly fun fall favorite. Terror-ifically talented Wayne Brady takes the lead in this jazz and tap dance treatment of the infamous modern Halloween music classic. Keep a watch for a funny furry cameo at the song’s completion.

Check out iTunes for the Post Modern Jukebox (featuring Wayne Brady) cover of “Thriller”

10. “This is Halloween” “Nightmare Before Christmas” lead-in overture, “This is Halloween,” cover artists include the aforementioned Voiceplay, Vitamin String Quartet (instrumental), Voctave, and Marilyn Monson. However, Broken Peach rather peculiar, playful performance puts a fresh, fun, female face to this fall favorite

11. “Spooky Scary Skeletons” Blending classic cartoon imagery and ghoulishly great guitar riffs, Jonathan Young is joined by ToxicxEternity for an upbeat cover of this Halloween classic. Young, already known for his reimagined rock renditions of Disney songs, delivers a frightfully fun, fresh flavor to Andrew Gold’s 1966 children’s song.

Download an MP3 copy of “Spooky Scary Skeletons” from Amazon ($0.99)

BONUS: Young rocks the crypt, covering Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash”

Download an MP3 copy from Amazon ($0.99)

 12. “Ghostbusters” YouTube sensation Leo Moracchioli (Frog Leap Studios) is famous for his playful metal covers of popular songs. A true solo artist, the Norwegian artist handles all his own production and performance (vocals and all instruments). His version of the “Ghostbusters” theme puts a new spin on the phrase, “Who you gonna call?”

“Ghostbusters” (Metal version) can be found on the album “Leo Metal Covers Volume 3”
MP3 download ($8.99) from Amazon

13. “Scaretale” Instead of a clever, creepy cool cover, this final feature showcases an original nightmare from Nightwish. From their delightfully dark album “Imaginaerum,” “Scaretale” is one of several high energy haunts on this masterpiece of macabre music.

Dig up this album on Amazon ($23.86)  An instrumental score is also available ($35.24 CD or $9.49 MP3 Download)

Serve up frightful fall fun from any, or all, thirteen tunes of terror. Sinister selections from Seven spooky instru-mental suggestions and six vexing vocal variations lend a haunting hand in home haunting and might even turn a lifeless Halloween party into one that’s to die for.

For more monstrous music, gaze into ITM’s crystal ball for part one:  Instruments of fear.

Source and images: YouTube, Amazon

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