Halloween Music 3.0 – 13 tunes of terror for happy haunting – Part 1: Instruments of fear

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Spirits' Masquerade

Spirits' Masquerade by ChristabelleLAmort

Halloween Music: theme parks and most professional haunts rely on this tool of terror to set the mood and add to the eerie ambiance.  Home haunters and party ghost hosts and hostesses’ groove to the ghoulishly great sounds of the season to entertain monsters young and old.

From classic, nostalgic noteworthy novelties and vexing vocals to instru-mental music meant made to materialize monstrous moods, Halloween music is an essential element for a successful spooky season.  Inside the Magic has turned over a few tombstones to unearth another creepy cool collection of 13 to-die-for fiendishly fun finds for fall fear fun.

Ethereal Ambient Atmospheres (1-7)

First to Meander from the mausoleum of must have music is a sinister selection of seven significantly spooky sounds without words.  These paranormally perfect picks are prefect for background atmos-fear for parties and happy home haunts.

1. “Ghost Master” Map Selection Theme (video game soundtrack selection).  “Ghost Master” (2003) emerged as clever twist to sim-play video games.  Instead of hunting the monsters/ghosts, the player controlled them to frighten various victims, solve puzzles and free more ghosts for the team.  Soundtrack to this game is pure whimsical, fright filled fun.  Copies of this magically macabre music materialize online from time to time.  Some selections can be found on YouTube, and the game can still be downloaded from Amazon.

2. “Van Helsing Main Theme” “Hotel Transylvania 3” continues the adventures of Dracula, Mavis and the monsters, this time taking them away from their castle resort and on vacation.  While official soundtracks for all three installments in this animated series offer pop music tunes, all three movies also received a separate score album.  Mark Mothersbaugh’s mischievous music arrives with 39 selections of lighthearted, whimsical yet haunting tracks.

“Hotel Transylvania: Score from the Motion Pictures” is available from Amazon
$9.99 (MP3 Download) or $11.98 (CD)

3. “Serena’s Saltwater Taffy” Brandon and Derek Fiecher have compiled a massive cauldron full of instrumental escapes.  Among their impressive 67 releases (found on bandcamp), selections include “Mansion on Grimm Hill” (2 volumes), “Night at the Carnival” (3 volumes), “Spooky Halloween,” “Halloween Night,” and “Dark Lullabies.”  This most recent release continues the creepy carnival theme.

“Spooky music about a young lady who owns a dark stall at a carnival where the saltwater taffy ends up turning people into mermaids or mermen, who live down in the ocean in an aquatic kingdom. This music is called Sirena’s Saltwater Taffy. We hope you enjoy listening to it!” – YouTube

All 67 of this talented duo’s albums can be found on Bandcamp.

4. “Haunted Fairy Tales” Dan Graham’s otherworldly overtures and ethereal strings paint a paranormal picture of haunting environments and fiendishly, fearsome fantasy.  Especially eerie, “Music Box Dream” lulls the listener into a false sense of safety before erupting into an action filled nightmare.

“Haunted Fairytales,” the title cut to this wonderful ghost tour provides the perfect preview to the spirited selections of this frightfully fun find.

“Haunted Fairy Tales” can be found on Amazon as an MP3 Download ($7.99)

5. “The Vampire Masquerade” The majority of Australian composer Peter Gundry’s 16 album experiences exude earthy, eerie, ethereal notes.  Other tracks give ghostly chills perfect for haunting homes and crafted cemeteries this season.

In this creepy cool cut (“The Vampire Masquerade”) from his 2015 album, “The Edge of Darkness,” one can almost see the floating figures swirling around an ancient, candle lit ballroom.

“The Edge of Darkness” can be ordered from Amazon
$15.98 (CD), $8.99 (MP3 Download)

6. “Happy Halloween Music” Taking a different route through the old cemetery, this next selection, “Happy Halloween Music,” may seem a bit cheesy, but is perfect for little monsters (at least the ones who are ready to discover the magic of happy haunts and trick-or-treat treasures).  Steven Cravis crafts creepy cool, traditional flavored fun for this digital download from Amazon

MP3 ($0.99) available from Amazon

7. “The Shape Returns” The final arrangement in this musical march breaths new life into a venerable fear franchise.  Menacing Michael Myers (with his infamous spooky Shatner mask) returns to theaters October 19, 2018.  With this new “Halloween” chapter, John Carpenter’s classic creeper theme gets an overhaul for the new cinematic slasher.  Composed by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies, this updated version remains recognizable while adding a more modern spin on the recording.

A single track, “The Shape Returns,” is available now, while the rest of the spooky score slays fear fans October 19th.

Pre-ordering from Amazon (9.49) charges .99 now (and allows download of “The Shape Returns”)

Part one of this paranormal parade of seasonal songs surrendered six spirited selections without words.  Macabre and moody or wickedly whimsical, each terror track tunes into the spirit of the season of spook.  Excellent for eerie environments, inspiring devious disguises for Halloween night or ghoulish gathering grooves.  Stay tuned for the second section of seasonal sounds selection suggestions: Vexing Vocals.

Source and images: YouTube, Amazon

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