Halloween Animation: 13 favorite frights from the wickedly wonderful world of Disney

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Halloween Animation - Fantasia

Halloween time awakens ghosts, goblins, skeletons, and jack-o-lantern for their annual end of year spooky soiree. Favorite frights find fear fans and trick or treaters celebrating with wicked wonders of fall.

Fearsome family fun is found in television specials, macabre movies and haunted houses. Delivering these desired devilish delights, Disney entertains, better than ever, with frightful fun for all ages.

“13” could not be a more perfect companion for Halloween hijinks. Not only is this nefarious number Halloween’s date in reverse, but its association with fear has also been well documented. Unearthed below, 13 favorite frights of animation amazement. Computer created clips and top motion masterpieces join traditional hand-drawn cartoons for a creepy cool collection fearsome family fun courtesy of the Walt Disney Company.

1. “The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad”

This delightful duo of literature classics found its way into theaters in 1949. Written in 1820, Sleepy Hollow and its headless Hessian horseman, (written by Washington Irving) remains one of Halloween’s favorite frights to this day.

2. “Boiler Room”

Minnie Mouse and her fellow tenants, plagued by a lack of hot water, turn to Mickey to tackle the monster lurking within the apartment building’s boiler room (2014).

3. “Frankenweenie”

Though the original version (1984) of this pet-powered performance of fiendish Frankenstein fun was a live-action short (released as a DVD extra with “Nightmare Before Christmas”), 2012’s feature film expanded Tim Burton’s classic horror inspired vision.

4. “Ghoul Friend”

Modern Mickey cartoons take on Zombies in this 2013 clever cartoon. Mickey is “haunted” by his former friend, now a fearsome fiendish zombie.

5. “Haunted House”

1929’s Ub Iwerks black and white seven minute short “Haunted House” gave Mickey Mouse his first ghostly encounters. Fans of early Disney animation should recognize recycled scenes from another one of our favorite frights, “The Skeleton Dance,” which was released earlier that same year.

6. “Lonesome Ghosts”

Before “Ghostbusters,” Ajax Ghost Exterminators handled haunted house horrors. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy get spooked by a trio of troublesome spirits in this 1937 classic cartoon short.

7. “The Mad Doctor”

Poor Pluto is in peril during this 1933 creepy cartoon short. Some theaters thought the theme to frightening for children and would not screen the short (it was completely “banned” in UK and Germany, too). Dr. XXX (the Mad Doctor) kidnaps Pluto to perform fowl experiments leaving Mickey to manage a rescue.

8. “Night on Bald Mountain”

“Fantasia” featured several firsts for Walt Disney Animation. As a probable precursor to modern music videos, animated interpretations set to classical music make this groundbreaking film a must see. Black god of the night, Chernabog, summons ghosts, wraiths, and other fearsome creatures of the underworld in this 1941 animated adaptation of Mussorgsky’s dark composition.

9. “Nightmare Before Christmas”

Initially deemed unworthy of the “official” Disney label, Tim Burton’s expanded story (the original poem did not include Sally nor Oogy Boogie) found its way into theaters under the Touchstone brand when it was first released in 1993.

10. “The Skeleton Dance”

Spooky skeletons assemble for a cemetery soirée. Silly Symphony short, “The Skeleton Dance,” was released in 1929.

11. “Toy Story of Terror”

Television timed for Halloween, this computer animated spooky special places Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the gang within their own horror story (2013).

12. “Trick or Treat”

Traditions of Halloween are featured (and protected) in this 1952 whimsical, Witch Hazel vs Donald Duck delight. Huey, Dewy and Louie find more tricks than treats when visiting Uncle Donald.

13. “Vincent”

Another fab-boo-lous featured extra packaged with “Nightmare Before Christmas,” Tim Burton’s lighthearted short centers on a seven-year-old child who thinks he’s Vincent Price (1982). Mr. Price perfectly performs narration for this six-minute short.

Festively fun for the whole family, these 13 animated favorite frights offer opportunities to unwind after an evening of trick or treating. Additionally, any of these creepy cartoons and animation horrors from the Walt Disney Company easily add eerie ambience to any Halloween time ghoulish gathering.

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