Pumpkinrot: Chilling Halloween Home Haunt Nightmares

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Every neighborhood has that one home with amazing Halloween decorations. However, there’s no match for the creepy-cool creations from the legendary home haunter known as Pumpkinrot.

For 17 years, eerie effects and fiendish figures have dominated the foreboding landscape at this Pennsylvania pumpkin-powered nightmare factory. Magical macabre movie quality Halloween displays from this master haunter set the boo bar higher than a witch can fly.

Move over Jack Skellington, there’s a real Pumpkin King in town and his name is Pumpkinrot. Inspired by spooky scarecrows, the realistic rustic revelations of this truly talented and passionate fan of fall fun lend an overall eerie ambiance to his annual dark displays.

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Each year, haunting new creations crawl from the crypt to amaze fans. Fog-filled cemeteries; large, looming scarecrows with glowing jack-o-lantern heads; shrouded skull-faced monsters; skeletons reaching from ghoulish gravesites; greenlit, grinning ghosts; monstrous “Halloween;” creepy corn witches; and haunted cornfields mark many of the first decade’s displays of devilish delights.


More recent renderings include a vintage “Halloween 1921” (2017), “Night of the Strawmen” (2016), bodies and bones (2015), wicked witches, a catacomb of scarecrows, skull witches, and even a short film (2011): “Swamp Foetus.”


Both unnerving and inspiring, Pumpkinrot’s creepy-cool constructs call up eerie, earthy enchantment making these annual “to die for” displays a perfect poster child for Halloween. All of the wicked wonders can be found chronicled on the Pumpkinrot website. Additional photographed fiendish fun, by way of the “Pumpkinrot Tinies,” with a clever creation for several letters of the alphabet, exemplify the twisted terror and macabre mirth of this master of Halloween.

Keeping the spirit of the season wonderfully un-dead year-round, the artist’s blog features dark delights and a host of horror-themed treasures for passing the days and hours until trick-or-treat time arrives.


For fans of fall’s fun and festivities, there’s probably no better spot to bring the boo than the images, videos, and entries from Pumpkinrot.


Source and images” Pumpkinrot website, Flickr, blog, and YouTube pages

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