PHOTO: “IT: Chapter Two” cast goes back to Derry with group photo

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Last year, the remake of Stephen King’s classic horror film “IT” hit theaters and gave audiences nightmares they probably still haven’t gotten over. Next year, they’ll get the chance to relive those nightmares.

“IT: Chapter Two” will creep into theaters in 2019 and, as we found out back in May, it will feature a very talented cast.

The Losers’ Club will be all grown up for the next chapter in the story of Pennywise the dancing clown, so the roles of the kids from the first movie have been filled by some great adult actors. Those actors got together for our first look at the grown up Losers’ Club.

The image of the cast above features (from left to right) Jessica Chastain who will play Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy who will play Bill Denbrough, Isaiah Mustafa who will play Mike Hanlon, Jay Ryan who will play Ben Hanscom, James Ransone who will play Eddie Kaspbrak, Bill Hader who will play Richie Tozier and Andy Bean who will play Stanley Uris.

You can see this new cast of Losers take on Pennywise when “IT: Chapter Two” haunts theaters September 6, 2019.

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